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Research on Cutting Process Optimization of Turning GH4169with Ceramic Tools

Author SunDaZuo
Tutor WangYiWen
School Harbin University of Science and Technology
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords GH4169 Ceramic tools Finite element simulation Parameteroptimization
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Nickel-based alloy GH4169is mainly used as the material of turbine bladeof aeroengine and the hottest parts of all kinds of industrial gas turbine,becauseof its excellent heat resistance. The consumption has been more than half of thetotal weight in advanced engines. But GH4169is one of the most difficult-to-machine materials, because of large cutting force, high temperature and lowsurface quality. However, high processing quality is required in aviation formeeting the practical application requirements. Therefore, how to improve themachinability of nickel-based alloy is a very urgent problem in aerospace fieldand other manufacturing industries. In view of this, the integration of test andsimulation, this article obtained reasonable cutting parameters and edge structureparameters, improved the Nickel-based alloy GH4169machinability, The maincontent of this paper is as follow:1、Analyzing on cutting performance, selection of cutting parameters andcutting tool materials including five aspects such as hardness, ductility, strainhardening, thermal conductivity and abrasiveness of Nickel-based hightemperature alloy(GH4169). The effect of input parameters on output parametersis discussed. The input parameters includes materials of cutting tool andworkpiece, and cutting parameters. The output parameters includes surfaceintegrity and cutter life, ect.2、Through the research on turning GH4169by orthogonal experimentsdesign and quadratic general rotation unitized design, cutting force, cuttingtemperature and surface roughness empirical models was found. These modelswas mapped and imitated by MATLAB and DPS software, analyzing the effect ofcutting parameters on cutting process, then optimizing cutting parameters andforecasting results by analyzing models.3、 Cutting process is simulated by software AdvantEdge. Based on simulation results, the edge structure parameters models are set up. Solves edgestructure parameters model through cutting force and equivalent stress, thenobtained optimal edge structure parameters. Analyzes the effect of the tool rakeangle and relief angle on cutting process by single factor method, then obtainsoptimal geometric parameters of cutting tool.4、 Surface roughness model is solved by DPS based on nonlinearprogramming method for optimizing cutting parameters. Under the constraintconditions, cutting force and temperature models are solved preferentially by thetiered evaluation of multiple objective programming, then the optimal machiningparameters are obtained.

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