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Design of NC Tenoning Machine's Control System Based on HUST H2Controller

Author FeiXiaoJun
Tutor TaoJianHua
School Guangzhou University
Course Mechanical Engineering
Keywords HUST H2controller Embedded PLC NC tenoning machine Controlsystem
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In this paper, according to the traditional tenoning had many problems, such as:poor flexibility, need to a variety of equipments and a lot of tools, molds, jigs, lowmachining accuracy, processing efficiency and high workers’ labor intensity,combined with NC processing had the advantages of high efficiency, high precision, itdesigned the control system of NC tenoning machine based on HUST H2controller toachieve automation processing for multiple tenons, including cross waist round tenon,vertical waist round tenon, round tenon, square tenon and so on.This paper designed the NC tenoning machine’s control system, which adoptedHUST H2controller as the upper machine. HUST controller wasbuilt-in embedded PLC, overall system architecture was open; HUST controller hadthe high-definition LCD liquid crystal display function, users could be able to plan thecontents of screen. It also supported standard G-code, and provided a standard RS232interface, could connect the PC to realize online processing.The NC tenoning machine’s control system adopted the CNC program to achievefeeding trajectory of tool, using PLC program to realize switching of theman-machine screen and other auxiliary motion, including machine back to the origin,manual tool-setting and so on, the man-machine interface program was written by theScreen Editor. Its main contents were as follows:(1) Analysis of NC tenoning machine’s mechanical structure. In order to betterexplicit working characteristics of the tenoning machine, some devices were mainlyintroduced and analyzed, including X, Z axis feed mechanism, spindle system,pneumatic pressure head, milling cutter of tenoning machine and so on.(2) Analysis of NC tenoning machine’s working principle. It was mainly that thesingle axis servo control was introduced and the closed-loop feedback device wasanalyzed. Realizing this, the technical route and design ideas of tenoning machine’scontrol system was proposed, the action process of tenoning machine was plan.(3) Design of NC tenoning machine’s control system. It was mainly from the two parts of hardware and software to design NC tenoning machine’s control system. Theparts of hardware were composed of HUST controller, servo motor and driver, I/Oboard, SIO module board and so on. The parts of software were divided into thefollowing three aspects: the human-machine interface was designed by Screen Editor;the PLC program embedded in HUST controller was written by HUST PLC-Editor;the CNC program was written by G-code.(4) Debugging of NC tenoning machine’s control system. Debugging was mainlyconducted from two aspects of simulation debugging and site debugging. Simulationdebugging was make sure that the controller could work normally and the cutterfeeding trajectory was correct; On-site debugging was ensure that NC tenoningmachine could process correct tenons under the action of machine was stable.

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