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The Development of the Inner Edge of Senior Heavy Load Grinding Wheel Used in the Billet Finishing

Author LiYingYing
Tutor LiShengLi
School Liaoning University of Science and Technology
Course Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords Heavy-duty wheel abrasive binder inside edge
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Heavy load grinding wheel is mainly used in the steel semi-finished productssuch as steel slab, steel billet, steel plate of grinding and all kinds of casting surfacecleaning in the iron and steel industry, as the important link to guarantee the highquality steel production. As consumables, the dosage is very big, the wheel has thename of "the teeth of the iron and steel industry". Belongs to the abrasives industry,Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries pay more attentionto the production of heavy load grinding wheel. In recent years, Chinese governmentpays more and more attention to the development of abrasives industry, in someenterprises, heavy load grinding wheel also get development and research. Butcompared with foreign products, there are many deficiencies, such as small grindingpressure, low grinding efficiency and poor grinding quality, cannot satisfy therequirements of high quality change development on iron and steel industry in ourcountry. In order to reduce the cost of production of iron and steel industry, improvethe competitiveness of the iron and steel industry in our country, it is necessary toresearch on the heavy load grinding wheel.This topic through the analysis and research of imported and advanced heavyload wheel, with the use of scanning electron microscope (SEM), we can get the solidcomponents of the senior heavy load wheel, the basic composition and proportion is:the content of fused mullite is about70%, the content of wollastonite is about10%15%, the lime’s is about1%2%, the content of TiO2is about1%2%, theresin’s is about15%20%, and the hole’s is less than5%. In order to find the suitableresin adhesive, and determine the pressing process, we change different variabler ofheavy load grinding wheel to select and design the different abrasive formula,bonding agent and preparation conditions, compared to the effect of the properties ofthe inner edge grinding wheel, explore the best ingredients and forming scheme.Research results show that: the fused mullite should be67%, wollastonite contentshould be12%, lime content should be2%, TiO2content should be1%, resin shouldbe18%, pressing pressure should be450KN, sample curing temperature is80℃, thecuring time needs26h, this time we can get the best sample in the condition of thelaboratory, the volume density of sample is2.34g/cm3, the porosity is1.11%and thenormal temperature pressure strength is88MPa.

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