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Research on Steel Flow Field and Heat Transfer in Mold for Casting Super-large Round Billet

Author SunLiMing
Tutor ZhangXingZhong
School Yanshan University
Course Design theory and its digital technology of heavy equipment
Keywords super-large round billet continuous casting mould submerged entry nozzle temperature field flow field Numerical simulation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Round billets are mainly used as raw materials for industrial products such as seamless steel tube, ring forgings and high-speed locomotive wheels, etc. Continuous casting round billet compared with ordinary round billet has more obvious advantages. With the requirements of increasing bigger size round billet’s quantity, the round billet continuous casting production condition has changed. It is increasingly difficult to produce, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. The purpose of this study is to research on the production process of continuous casting Φ1000Omm super-large round billet. Raising the quality of continuous casting super-large round billet is by improving the flow pattern, heat transfer and solidification of molten steel in continuous casting mould.The object of study of this article is the Φ1000mm super-large round billet. According to the production requirement and the characteristics of the super-large round billet, some continuous casting process parameters were studied. The fluid flow coupled with solidification in casting mold and the level fluctuation were simulated by applying the Computational Fluid Dynamics on engineering simulate and design platform ANSYS Workbench. Through the analysis of simulation results, finding out the suitable process parameters, it provides a reference data for the actual production.In this paper, the main contents are as follow:(1)Through the reasonable assumptions and simplifications of Φ1000mm super-large round billet model, a reliable mathematical model was established. The principles of computational fluid dynamics used to analysis the process of flow and heat transfer in the mold.(2)The flow and solidification situation of the Φ1000mm super-large round billet in the mould was simulated by using the FLUENT software. By using of the principle of a single variable, the four side outlet swirling flow nozzle’s structure parameters and the process parameters such as withdrawal speed, superheat were compared and obtained.(3)It can be calculated the level fluctuation situation by using the multiphase flow model in the FLUENT software. The level fluctuation of liquid steel is calculated under the conditions of the above-mentioned process parameters. From the analysis of the results, it can be seen the degree of level fluctuation under the condition is small. The values of the parameters in the flow and solidification model are verified to be used.

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