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Functional Bean Curd Residue Biscuit Development and Determination of the Related Substances

Author JiaLi
Tutor JinHaiZhu
School Yantai University
Course Food processing and security
Keywords Bean curd residue Nutrients Orthogonal test Functional biscuits
CLC TS213.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Tofu is by-product processed tofu, soy milk, soy milk and other byproducts, the country can produce2.8×109Kg bean curd residue each year. As the wet bean curd residue is difficult to preserve and rough texture, so most of them are used as feed, or directly discarded. Bean curd reisidue is rich in protein, soy isoflavones, saponins and other nutrients, If it developed as a functional food, there will be a huge space for development. So we can develop a kind of functional cookies, that will have a huge potential for development. The status of food about the elderly population is fewer species and low yield. Because of work requirements, white-collar and white-collar workers are a long time sitting and lack of exercise, high dietary fiber foods to meet their nutritional needs, and not leave them to excessive intake of energy, so we can develop meal biscuits for the elderly and white-collar. This topic choose bean curd residue as the main materials, with other materials developed by the functionality of high dietary fiber meal replacement cookies,which is suitable for the elderly and young, health and nutrition, in line with modern society healthy and delicious food needs.In this study, we take the bean curd residue as the experimental material, make a study on the determination of the fat, protein, sugar, dietary fiber, ash, isoflavones, saponins and other substances, The results are as follows:the fat:3.27%, protein:13.2%, total sugar:22.27%, sugar:0.42%, ash:2.97%, total dietary fiber:52.87%, insoluble dietary fiber:49.33%, soybean saponin:0.56%, daidzein:2.5μg/g, genistein:1.51μg/g, trypsin inhibitor activity is very low. The removal capacity of soybean extracts on hydroxyl free radical (OH) and superoxide anion (O2-) were mesured by chemiluminescence system. The bean curd residue on hydroxyl free radical (OH), superoxide anion (02-) shows stronger inhibitory effects than the natural antioxidant Vc. Ethanol inhibition of hydroxyl radical rate is higher than the water extract, but on superoxide anion inhibition is almost same.The experiment discussed the process of bean dregs biscuit, through orthogonal test to optimize the best formula, and the process flow has been determined as following:peanut oil1.6g, egg1g and xylitol1g are Stirrde well and add bean curd residue2g, yam flour0.3g and beta carotene0.002g, stirring evenly. Then said the0.0625g pectin dissolved in4mL water, and then just stir ingredient into mixing bowl. Finally, add flour1g, knead the dough smooth surface, roll the dough into a homogeneous dough, add blueberry jam4g, pack into a cylinder shape, place at110℃baked in the oven for20min, this biscuit can be baked. High fiber and functional biscuits have certain effect reducing weight is developed. Through the bean dregs biscuit texture analysis, seven measurement data obtained, respectively:the hardness of1:2.33N, hardness of2:0.43N, adhesion:0.25N.mm, cohesiveness:0.09Ratio, elasticity:1.08mm, adhesive:0.21N, Chew:0.26mJ. Through the analysis we can see this is a weak function of cookie crisp.The content of nutrition on bean dregs biscuit was as follows:water:41.76%, fat:12.61%, ash content:0.72%, protein:4.59%, total sugar:11.94%, reducing sugar:6.57%, total dietary fiber:20.06%, insoluble dietary fiber:19.53%, saponins:0.55%. You can see the biscuit moisture content of bean curd residue is highest, followed by the content of dietary fiber. Compared with the general commercial biscuit, bean dregs biscuit fat content is relatively lower, protein content is appropriate, total sugar content is lower than bean curd residue, about half of total sugar is reducing sugar, which is good for the body.

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