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The Calendar Advertisement Paintings Implications on Chi-pao Popular during the Republican Period

Author LiuSiYuan
Tutor HeYang
School Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology
Course Chinese Ethnic Art
Keywords The cheongsam on Republic of China advertising calendar posters thecolor of the cheongsam the improved on the cheongsam
CLC TS941.12
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The study of the whole process of the cheongsam from generation to brilliantabout cheongsam based on the analysis of calendar advertisement paintings of theperiod of the Republic of China, to analysis with the significant impact on its socialbackground, cultural orientation, special historical events and the change of people’spsychological and so on. Through the logical analysis of these factors, we try to getthe conclusion of the implications and function of the advertisement paintings specificeffect on the period of the Republic of China cheongsam. It is also let calendaradvertisement paintings of the period of the Republic to be a new window to spy thestate about the period of Republic of China garment, especially its population.This thesis has summary and detailed analysis of the development characteristicof the period Republic of the calendar advertisement, with abundant clear exclusivephotos, though it to find the cheongsam styles, colors, patterns, decoration to get theregularity and summary conclusion. We can also from some special phenomena aboutthe dress to find the unique characteristic of the period of the Republic of cheongsam,and reflect the particular clothing pop culture on that time.The article passes around on the school transformation on the calendaradvertisement painter. Let the popular change of the style of dress as the most directform about the cheongsam research, especially its timeliness. From a certain extent,only the cheongsam style has summed up, all it can be regarded as research of theChinese cheongsam popular. In this paper, through the interpretation of thecharacteristic on the calendar advertisement at that time to find out the relationbetween the calendar advertisement painter and the development and the popularevolution of the Chinese cheongsam, enrich the research of the popular about theChinese cheongsam.The thesis passes around the effect of calendar advertisement paintings onpopular of Chinese cheongsam during the period of Republic of China, through avariety of related things, study with comprehensive, depth, in order to better show theelegant of the popular of the Chinese cheongsam on the period of the Republic ofChina.

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