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Structural Finite Element Analysis of Ferris Wheel

Author ZhangZuo
Tutor WangHuQi
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords Ferris Wheel ANSYS preload time-procedure analysis structure finiteelement analysis Parametric model
CLC TS952.81
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The Ferris Wheel is one of the most essential amusement facilities, Thecomplicated distribution of the inertial forces and complexity of the structure, so theGiant Wheel structure not only the requirements of structural performancerequirement must be examined, but also the deformation and amenity of the structureshould be checked. So it is necessary to perform static analysis and dynamic analysisfor Ferris Wheel structure to observe whether the strain and the stress meets thedesign requirements.The Ferris Wheel for the article is a spoke-shaped structure. The highest pointof the wheel is120m above ground level and it’s diameter is198m,It is the higherFerris Wheel in similar buildings. The determination of pre-tightening force, structureanalysis of Ferris Wheel system, the structural system and modal analysis arepresented in the article.First of all, the finite element model of Ferris Wheel structure is built inANSYS software. Finite element model of Ferris wheels was built by parametricdesign language “APDL”. In the initial design analysis, the static loading and theworking condition are determined according to the condition of the design sheets. Thecable pretightening force of19702N is built by ANSYS software. Then static analysiswas carried out on the Giant wheel structure again. On the basis of the Ferris wheelsite-dependent characters and the design sheets, the reasonable wind load parametersand seismic waves are selected to excite the Ferris Wheel structure for the staticanalysis and time-history seismic responses of the structure. The structure’s finiteelement analysis for seven cases of typical conditions is done, displacement and stressdistribution of the Ferris Wheel in every condition is calculated. Compared largestress of every condition, Determine the working condition for maximum stress andobserve the value of maximum stress is188Mpa, the result can meet requirement ofmaximum stress.Finally, modal analysis of the giant wheel and get the modal parameter. Providetheoretical basis for the future engineering design and development.This research has achieved the strength of the Ferris Wheel structure, met theneeds of businesses and users,and provided a accurate reference data for thedevelopment and research of new product in the future, and this research hadimportant theoretical and practical significance.

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