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Applied Study of the Design of Dinner Sets Based on Chinese Traditional Luck Meaning

Author ZhangChao
Tutor PanRong
School Zhejiang University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords Luck culture Graphic meaning Eating for celebrating festivals Dinnersets for marriage
CLC TS972.23
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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With the improvement of people’s living standard and advancement of socialcivilization, the food concepts like eating with civilization, luck, taste and health arestill an important topic in modern life through thousands of years’evolution andcontinuation. As an old saying goes “bread is the staff of life”, eating is the basic needof human beings for surviving and living content, which indicates the importance ofeating in folk life. During farming, harvesting and eating of common people, an eatingculture with Chinese characteristic has been gradually come into being, whichinfluences the aesthetic and value perceptions of Chinese people for eating. Eating forluck illustrates the psychological manifestation of people to seek luck and avoidcalamity in their diet. During traditional festivals and days for celebrating happyevents, people are “eating” for celebration or commemoration, as to pray for“everything goes well and as desired”, to express their desirable expectations.Dinner sets are auxiliary utensils in eating life and help people to solve a numberof problems during their lives. However, with the continual improvement of quality oflife, people’s demand for dinner sets not only rests on the original utility functions,particular for the cultural connotation represented by the dinner set itself and richpsychological taste and experience endowed by it. Dinner sets are only support forfood, but more garment of food. When the objectives of eating for civilization, luck,taste and health are focused on, the semantic manifestation and means for Chineselucky figures as well as connotation and manifestation of dinner sets are analyzed, andthrough study of life etiquettes and folk customs for luck eating to celebrate festivals,the design of domestic dinner sets for marriage is taken as an example, to have anemphatic analysis of the luck perception of eating for marriage celebration, as well asthe research on the luck meaning with regard to texturing, color, material and patternof domestic dinner sets for marriage, and have a main discussion about the designapplication of domestic dinner sets for marriage with Chinese traditional luckmeaning, as to expound the representing form and content characteristics oftraditional luck meaning symbols. This paper studies and discusses the modern values of Chinese traditional luckstructure and meaning, analyzes the symbols for traditional luck meaning, andthrough the comprehensive study of the evolution of luck meaning with thedevelopment of dinner sets, makes a new interpretation of the eating culture inChinese modern marriage custom, makes a use of modern design method to havedesigned discussion about the dinner sets designated for marriage custom, andhighlights the conversion of meaning in the luck culture connotation and extraction ofsemantic elements, as well as the analysis of the era-related problems of luck culture,so as to seek an effective channel combining Chinese traditional luck culture with thedesign of dinner sets for marriage, and form a design thought for modern marriagedinner sets with unique Chinese implication.

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