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Study on Evaluation of Hubei Dayukou Chemical Company Acid Tail Gas Desulfurization Technical Transformation Project

Author WangYiChun
Tutor WangLiGuo
School Yanshan University
Course Project Management
Keywords technological transformation projects post-evaluation desulfurization economic evaluation
CLC X701.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Project post evaluation is a key link in an indispensable technical in the project lifecycle, contribute to the understanding of the project’s operation, and can understand thetechnical transformation project of the ultimate social and economic benefits, to validatethe correctness of the project before the implementation of the project feasibility studyreport, to accept the challenges of competition and the market in the enterprise, but alsohas very important reference value and practical significance. Chemical industry is animportant force in the national economy development, is closely related with the socialdevelopment and people’s life, and facing the project of chemical plant after the evaluationwork is relatively slow. Therefore, the project post evaluation of chemical plant has a veryreal necessity.In this paper, combined with the actual situation of Dayukou chemical company insulfur workshop tail gas desulfurization project, carried out a more detailed evaluationanalysis and conclusion of the project, to provide the data and theoretical basis for thesame industry real gas desulfurization technical transformation project, construction andoperation and maintenance.Firstly, introduces the research status of the research background, researchsignificance, post evaluation at home and abroad, expounds the basic theory of relevanttheory of evaluation and project evaluation, of great significance to the project of HubeiDayukou company desulfurization evaluation clarifies the project.Secondly, the project of Hubei Dayukou company desulfurization as the researchobject, the related situation of the project were introduced in process project where theenterprise, focus, and issued a feasibility study on the project of the conclusion, providesthe reference and data for later evaluation of the project.Once again, finishing and through analyzing the technical renovation project ofHubei Dayukou company desulfurization project files, and field survey of the project,carried out a more detailed evaluation analysis and reaches the conclusion of the projectconstruction, equipment operation condition, technology level, environmental and social benefits and economic benefits effects of five aspects.Finally, according to the evaluation results of the project of Hubei Dayukou companyafter desulfurization, summarized during the implementation and operation of theexperience and lessons of the project, and put forward to solve the problem of theremedial measures from the angle of project management.

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