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The Research on Operation Characteristics and Microecological Structure Differences between Lighted Anaerobic Reactors and Tranditional Anaerobic Reactors

Author XuChuanRong
Tutor LiuDong
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Environmental Engineering
Keywords Anaerobic reactor Micro ecological PCR-DGGE Ammonia Sulfate-reducing bacteria
CLC X703
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Taking anaerobic biological technology as wastewater treatment, could recycled biogasenergy at the same time. But so far, traditional anaerobic biological treatment are operatedunder dark condition, that there is rarely reports on anaerobic reactors operatingcharacteristics under lighted condition.This thesis make the research on operationcharacteristics by analysised COD, ammonia, phosphate removal efficiency andmicroecological structure by PCR-DGGE differences between lighted anaerobic reactorsand tranditional anaerobic reactors,The results show that:In the glucose reactor,ammonia、 phosphate removed differences are prominentunder high influent load, ammonia removal get higher stability after the introduction oflight. Phosphate degradation is most effective when upgrade the load, and the lightingconditions can make it quicker to adapt. After the reactor acidified, methane percentage inthe gas production decrease, and the percentage of carbon dioxide increase. Under thelight conditions, the reactor rapidly generate gas after watered, the gas production rate canreach the maximum,immediately. While under dark condition, the reactor would reachesthe maximum in the second hour, The reactor get higher gas production under lightconditions than the dark conditions.In the starch reactors ammonia and phosphate degradation had no apparently regularity.During the experiment, ammonia and phosphate degradation reduced with the organic loadreduced.The reactor under light has the faster rate of gas production.Finally, illumination1hreactor produced the most gas, then the reactor with12h light, the least is the reactor underdark condition.According to the analysis results of the DGGE experiment: photosynthesis bacteriaget the clearest strip after12hours of light, showed that time is the main influencing factorof the flora enrichment. There are many kinds of Archaea and bacteria species with noregularity. Sulfate-reducing bacteria has the most obviously characteristics and it’s easilyto be influenced by acidifying. Phosphorus removing bacteria under6h and12h of lighthave the highest similarity, illustrate the effect of light on bioroenosis changing.

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