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Research on the Key Technology of Modular Design for Complicated Product Based on Multi-dimensional Planning

Author LiuYang
Tutor ZhangQiaoXin
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course Industrial Engineering
Keywords Complex product Multi-dimensions Modular design Associatenetwork Module layout
Type PhD thesis
Year 2013
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The development of manufacturing service caused the change of mechanical products and rendering as complex product form of integrated physical products and service. Aim at the reality of mass customization development, using the complex product modular design method based on multi-dimensional, direct at the key problems of modeling, module structures and the product platform structures. This thesis is proposed to solve the problem of product platform multi-objective planning and management, multi-granularity configuration design and product structural evolution that under the condition of service composition in the life cycle, realize the goal of the quality control of product design and value-added service. The main research work and achievements in the paper are as follows:(1)Analyze the modular design form and process of complex product that oriented integration service, set up modular design method system and technical framework that support the type of product life cycle management. Discusses the scientific nature of systematic characteristics and generalized product planning by correlation analysis. Put forward the complex product modular design method, implementation process, technical system framework and key technology of filled in service that based on multi-dimensional planning.(2)Discusses the complex network modeling method that based on the service mapping relation and the representation mechanism of all angle models, build a network model from multiple perspectives. Face to the complex internal structure and multidimensional association characteristics of complex products that integrated service, analyses the required model of life cycle modular system, Cleared about the content and framework of multi-objective modeling, combine with the generalized service mapping associations and robustness of all the dimension, build a multidimensional generalized service mapping network model, knowing about the connotation of the clustering, realize the products multi-dimensional associated view modeling.(3)Study the clustering analysis method of multi-dimensional generalized service mapping relation network, implement the product main structure planning based on process integration. Using the fuzzy hierarchy analysis technology and improved genetic algorithm, carry out multi-dimensional module layout target analysis combined with cluster target of all angles, realize the module partition of all the angles, combined with complex network and product platform analysis techniques, Using product platform identification method based on interface relations, and constructed product main structures with process model for the integration framework, the template as the organization form, the things characteristics for expressing mechanism. (4)Discuss the modular design and the product layout technology evolution technology oriented the general service mapping associated optimization. Based on the fine-grained expression mechanism of generalized services mapping associated network in the product structure, combine with the product main structure model characteristic of process integration, study the configuration design process based on generalized service mapping relation analysis, combined with the joint model of main structure, realize the fine-grained variant design synergy under the axiomatic mode, combined with new product design process based on the associated network construct and the fusion, solve the problem of the multi-dimensional optimization of product structure.(5) From what has been discussed above, exploit modular designed prototype system, carried out verification, preliminarily verified the main research results in this paper.

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