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Research on Multi-channel Array Signal Data Acquisition and Transmission Technology Based on the Nios Ⅱ

Author LiuYang
Tutor PuShengChun
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Underwater Acoustics
Keywords FPGA data acquisition Nios Ⅱ W5100
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the deepening of the underwater acoustic technology research,Various underwateracoustic equipments have been widely used in marine development, underwatercommunications, military defense and so on. Underwater acoustic array signal dataacquisition and transmission technology as an important part of the underwater acoustictechnology research also gets more and more attentions. With the development of moderntechnology and the needs of the practical application, Underwater acoustic array signalacquisition and transmission system will also gradually to miniaturization, intelligent and lowpower consumption development, etc.The article design a32-channel data acquisition and transmission system based on FPGAchip, The SOPC technology is applied to multi-channel underwater acoustic array signal dataacquisition system, do the high performance, low power consumption, small occupied boardarea, and flexibility at the same time. The32-channel array signal data acquisition andtransmission system design includes three parts, hardware circuit design, system softwaredesign and PC display control software design.Hardware circuit design includs the design of signal preprocessing circuit and digitalcircuit, Digital circuit adopts modular design and consists of three components, the adcmodule, FPGA core board module and W5100network module. The Hardware circuitcomplete functions of signal preprocessing,data acquisition, data Ethernet transmission andso on.Software design mainly includes three parts, the design and package of custom IP corewhich realize the function of data acquisition and network transmission, the structure andgeneration of Nios Ⅱ hardware system, the design of software program of the NIOS Ⅱ softcore.The PC software program adopts Labview language programming,the PC display controlsoftware has functions that the network connection, data receiving, data processing, waveformdisplay,data storage and so on.Through the system performance test and experiment, the design of multi-channel arraysignal data acquisition and transmission system can basically comply with the design indexand the desired target.

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