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Research of Driving Power for Ultrasonic Magnetostrictive Transducer

Author XieNing
Tutor HuangWenMei
School Hebei University of Technology
Course Electrical Engineering
Keywords magnetostrictive ultrasonic power tuning matching circuits phase shiftingstrategy frequency tracking
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Ultrasounic technology has been applied to every aspect of production and life, therequirement to ultrasonic transducer that could transform electromagnetic energy into ultrasonicwave is becoming more and more. At present, ultrasonic transducer can be divided into twocategories, one is made of piezoelectric ceramics; the other one is made of giant magnetostrictivematerial. The latter has compact structure, high output power and high energy density. It has agood prospect in the industrial, agricultural, biomedical and military defense industries. However,the research in the ultrasonic magnetostrictive transducer is in the fledging period. Therefore, thedevelopment of new type driving power for ultrasonic magnetostrictive transducer could greatlyimprove the magnetostriction ultrasonic transducer performance. And it has vital significance forproduction and living.This paper designed a magnetostrictive ultrasonic power controlled by the Digital SignalProcessor (DSP), it have the automatic frequency tracking function. Firstly, this paper analyzedthe impedance characteristics of the magnetostrictive transducer. Then, the ultrasonic equivalentcircuit simulation model was established using the electric simulation software SABER. Basedon the theoretical analysis and simulation analysis result, this paper designed out of the maincircuit of the driving power and the control circuit, the inverter is controlled by phase shiftingstrategy which can realize ZVS, control circuit can realize frequency tracking. The control programconsists of main program and terminal service subroutine is written. Finally, this paper validatedthe theory by experiment. The experimental results showed that the power designed by this paperhave good output characteristics.

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