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Research on the Design Strategy of Product Identity of Construction Machinery

Author LiLiang
Tutor XiaoDiHu
School Hunan University
Course Art of Design
Keywords Product Identity Design Strategy Construction Machinery ProductSemantics
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the rapid development of Chinese economy and the huge demand in infrastructureconstruction, domestic construction machinery enterprises, such as Sany, Zoomlion, XCMGand some other outstanding enterprises have developed rapidly and soon occupied animportant place in the field of international mechanical engineering. For the aspects oftechnology, product quality, after-sales service aspects, they have reached the world advancedlevel. However, there still exists gap between the domestic construction machinery enterprisesand the internationally known tycoons in terms of product modeling and brand influence. Atpresent, although some companies have realized that industrial design is essential for thedevelopment of enterprises, it is somewhat immature at the aspects of the design thinking anddesign style, etc. The styles and characteristics of diversity products in enterprises are difficultto maintain relatively stable and unified. Key identification features are not prominent enough,which can not reflect the otherness in the fierce competition of global markets. The productidentification is an important part of the corporate identity system, which serves as theconnection point between products and branch. It is beneficial for enterprises to maintain theconsistency of the product image, unity of style and brand building. Product identificationstrategy is aiming to carry out product identity design from system level with all thingsconsidered, which could makes businesses and designers create distinctive products.Therefore, the research of identity design strategy for construction machinery products hasimportant guiding significance for domestic construction machinery enterprises.This paper has a preliminary analysis of product image, product identification conceptsand their relationships combined with semantics and cognitive psychology and othertheoretical basis, and puts forward the concept of product modeling which could identify thecharacteristics of group; Also explores general situation and characteristics of the constructionmachinery products, and sums up the problems that the engineering machinery product designshould pay attention to, from the aspects which could influence product identification;Moreover, this paper also examines the detailed analysis of the form of constructionmachinery products from the perspective of semantics and context, and analyzes someconstruction machinery products cases, according to the basic elements of the product and thecharacteristics of the construction machinery products; Building construction machineryproducts, from these factors: design strategy in product identification, the identify factors ofconstruction machinery products, influenced factors of the construction machinery product modeling, homogeneous product competition status and product identity design policy model,Finally, Combined with Sany concrete mixer truck design project, the proposeddesigning strategies and related methods of construction machinery product identity would beapplied to the practical design projects.

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