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Reaserch on the Present Situation of Taekwondo in General Universities Tianjin

Author QiLiHai
Tutor WangNaiHu
School Hebei Normal
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Tianjin General Universities Taekwondo Present Situation
CLC G886.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In recent years, the taekwondo competitions of undergraduates from nationwide colleges and colleges of Tianjin saw improvement in their competition item system, enlargement of scale and standardization in accessing the qualification of rising in rank. And also, progress are seen in the training of taekwondo teachers, gradually building up the standard of the development of taekwondo in colleges, inspiring the teachers to enhance one’s skills and improve one’s teaching ability. Besides, to improve practical abilities and to swap experiences, taekwondo activities among colleges are widely held by students’organizations. Hence, we should ground on current situations to plan for future, establish the direction of the development of taekwondo and clear development goals, and provide references for the education decision-making departments and sports authorities to make policies and regimes related.Being a newly established competition item in 2012 National University Games, we are eager to know what can be seen in the future development of taekwondo in colleges. Discussions with experts and the person in charge of University Taekwondo Association help understand the basic idea and direction of the Authorities in developing taekwondo in universities, meanwhile, on the ground of grasping the own characters of the college and the demand of the students, observing from multi-angle, propose suggestions in the development of taekwondo in universities in Tianjin, in an attempt to find out the internal relations of the development of taekwondo in universities, trying to be forward-looking in stimulating the follow-up development.This article is based on the discussion with the major leadership in Tianjin universities, the leaders of the Taekwondo branch of China University Sports Association and teachers and students in universities. Using questionnaires, documents and materials, comparative analysis and mathematical statistics to research on 1440 undergraduates, 18 sports directors and 100 sports teachers(including all the Taekwondo teachers) from 18 universities and colleges in Tianjin(not including sports professional institutions), on this ground to survey, arrange and analysis the emphasis by executive leaderships in Tianjin universities on taekwondo, quantities of universities carrying out taekwondo sports, organizations of the sport, venue construction and teacher qualifications, basic environment in which developing the sport, motivations, purpose and satisfaction of the students learning taekwondo, training time, equipment and facilities, community exchange activities, development suggestions and main factors that affecting the development of the sport. Conclusions and suggestions are as follows:Conclusions:The spots of taekwondo are finely carried out in universities in Tianjin, but the level and scale are not ideal. There are not enough emphasis by leaderships, the venues are inadequate, varies of activities are hard to harmonize; yang teachers take a large proportion, less highly educated teachers and professional teachers, teachers are mostly short in teaching age and adequate in teaching experiences, no unified teaching materials are used; the students have high interests in the sport, boys more than girls, junior take a large proportion of the practitioners, and are mostly satisfied; the spirits of taekwondo and exercise and defensive function of the sport are favored by the students, practitioners wants to make friends, discuss techniques and communicate and exercise rather than take part in the competition.Suggestions:Universities in Tianjin should guide by the thought of’Health First’, and the leaderships in universities are especially need to change the teach concept, deepen the understanding, comprehensively promoting the work of building sports culture and sports teaching, put emphasis on the development of the new project.The Executive Education Department of Tianjin and the NCAA Taekwondo branch in Tianjin should focus on the situation of a worldwide reform in taekwondo, following the demand of the time, transform traditional concepts and thoughts, based on the character of the sport and developing tendency, constantly adjust and draft the basic direction and target of the development of taekwondo, establish reasonable contest system, innovate in competition system, to adapt to the development needs.There are still less professions in taekwondo teams in Tianjin universities, most teachers are young teachers with bachelor degree who are less in teaching experiences. Thus, to establish a teacher training system, regular training and studies for taekwondo teachers are necessary, in order to improve the overall operational capacity and scientific research ability of the teachers.Unified teaching materials should be used in universities. The teaching material should agree with the psychology and character of undergraduates as well as their needs for practicing the sport. Using the unified teaching material helps improve the specification and rigor of taekwondo teaching, increase the level of teaching.On the premise of satisfying the course needs, universities should increase the teaching activities such as amateur sports teams, associations and clubs to develop taekwondo as a part-time activity. Meanwhile, construct venues and such hardware facilities; improve the environment of teaching, ease the situation of the shortage of venues, facilities and equipments.Universities should uncover the sports value of taekwondo as well as its spirit and culture, seeing taekwondo as an important way to fertilize high-quality personnel. Except for basic teaching, universities can use games, lectures and community activities as a platform to increase overall quality of students. Meanwhile, try to create an atmosphere of taekwondo culture, promoting the positive sides of taekwondo popular among students.To promote the development of a program, sport department of universities need a ground population base. All means could be used, such as performances, regular lectures of taekwondo knowledge, propaganda joint with other communities, by the means of internet and mediums, popularize taekwondo knowledge in all aspects, increase the influence of the sport, create an civilized and healthy culture atmosphere, stimulating taekwondo develop healthily and positively.

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