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Research on Single-stage Horizontal Self-priming Water Pump Based on Function Composition

Author SongYan
Tutor ZhangYuan
School Harbin University of Science and Technology
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords function composition self-priming pump suction-exhaust device three dimensional modeling motion simulation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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The traditional self-priming pump is noisy, low efficient and easy to damage. It is extremely inconvenient for daily production use, repair and maintenance. To overcome the shortcomings of traditional self-priming pump, the dissertation have designed the new suction-exhaust device——the integrated machine system which is based on the ordinary pump’s function composition.The dissertation introduces the development history of vacuum industry and self-priming pump industry, and its domestic and foreign development status and future trends. It collects several main representative products at home and abroad and compares their performance index respectively. Through comprehensive performance analysis and comparison successively between domestic products and foreign similar products, problems and questions about shortcomings of the ordinary self-priming pump have been point out. At the same time, some development trends and directions of the self-priming pump industry in future have been summarized.In order to more improve comprehensive self-priming performance of the self-priming pump which is using widely at present. The dissertation novelty put forward a conception which combine the new suction-exhaust device that has the extremely strong suction-exhaust ability’s similar principle of Roots pump and horizontal centrifugal pump, use complex functions to bring about more efficient and applicable suction-exhaust performance. According to the requirements of cooperative enterprises, the dissertation identified the performance index and the work environment parameters of the water pump system. Analyzing and comparing the layout methods and composite methods, the same machine driving integration method of using the unique suction-exhaust device and horizontal centrifugal pump is decided to be adopted at last. In order to reduce the difficulty of operation and using, optimization design of the manual control has been made, the dissertation adopts automatic control loop which are formed between the some sensors and magnetic clutch, achieving the purpose of the water pump system work and stop which is based on the pressure automatic control.According to the content of overall design, the dissertation designs and calculates parameters about centrifugal pump system and suction-exhaust device respectively. Meanwhile it makes the theoretical arithmetic and checks the strength intensity of the main parts in the design such as the gear, bearing, keys and so on, then selects the material of shell and type of seal. After the theoretical calculation and check, two dimensional modeling views of all parts drawings and assembly drawings have been finished according to the AutoCAD2007drawing software.In order to see the motion process more clearly, whether testing the existence of interference of the moving parts, the static parts and the moving parts, whether or not the assembly relationship is correct, whether or not the recombination velocity is matched, whether or not working performance of the pump system meets the needs of enterprises and so on. Water pump system has been made into three dimensional models according to the Pro/E5software in the dissertation, moreover, some moving parts have been conducted the kinematics simulation, and draw the measurement of position, velocity and acceleration simulation curve. The results show that comprehensive self-priming performance has been improved effectively, the design index meets the requirements of users completely.

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