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Design Research Based on CC2430Remote Medical Monitoring System

Author YuanJiang
Tutor ZuoKeHua
School Xiamen University
Course Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
Keywords Wearable remote medical CC2430 Low power consumption of ZigBee
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Wearable remote medical monitoring system is through the radio frequency (rf) ways to obtain information on human physiological data of health care equipment, it is a more liberal flexible compared with other medical diagnostic equipment system.Wireless sensor network is one of the key technologies in the field of information technology, after cooperate with computer technology and communication technology, the future will bring strong vitality for information technology, wireless ZigBee has low power consumption, small volume, short time delay, high safety, large capacity, and many other advantages.With the development of wireless communication technology, based on the technology of ZigBee wireless communication products, loved by the people more and more media reports last year, samsung will join ZigBee module in the future of smart phones, to satisfy people’s demand for smart home system.Believe in the near future of embedded system based on ZigBee will bring more convenience for people’s life.Design are studied in this paper a kind of wearable remote medical monitoring system,the system is based on CC2430chip, the chip has excellent features, data processing and communication is often used in the wireless device design, human physiological information has its own particularity, the body’s physiological information detection requirement for sensor also has its particularity, including the detection, ecg, pulse, blood pressure, gait and physiological data such as temperature, pulse of human body is human body important physiological data, reaction regularity of human body heart beat.Pulse generally done by piezoelectric sensor, the infrared pulse is very rare, infrared sensor is based on infrared pulse reflecting differences in human blood vessels and the voltage difference to count the pulse.We successively in choosing its signal processing through the filter, amplification, etc. The research design.The pulse sensor module is based on CC2430, by integrating ZigBee module and enhanced on the8051single chip and related peripheral circuits to implement, besides CC2430itself has excellent data processing ability, in the peripheral circuit design is also carefully selected made after weighing. In terms of monitoring stations, this design USES the mobile phone as a monitoring station module, mobile phone which have many advantages such as flexible and convenient popularization, in addition, also the software of the remote monitoring center part made some related research.

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