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Design of High-speed Marking System on Steel Tube Detecting

Author ChenYuBin
Tutor KangYiHua
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Mechanical Engineering
Keywords Steel tube High-speed testing Flaw marking Error analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the continuous improvement of the rolling process of steel pipe production line,the speed of pipe production reached8m/s. To meet the pipe line testing requirements,pipe detection speed has to improve to3m/s. The defective tag directly displays the resultsof a pipe flaw data,the high positioning accuracy and resolution of the flaw marking effectare conducive to rapid review of the detection result, and to promote the adjustment of thesteel rolling process. Therefore in the process of high-speed steel pipe detection,high-speed marking system is an integral part.In this thesis, taking the demand for high-speed mark performance indicators innondestructive testing system flaw marker equipment as research-oriented,to developrelated specific key technologies of design and research to achieve high-speed mark. First,the overall scheme of the high-speed marking system has been designed, forward model ofsteel pipe spiral was established in the trajectory and system marking requirements wereraised. Through the detection speed and highest mark error the frequency of marking wascalculated and the relationship between the identifier of guns arrangement and accuracyhave been analyzed, and a promotion that by increasing along with the number of thespray gun to improve the identification precision of the circumferential position was raised.Secondly, the overall structure and the nozzle structure of the identification system weredesigned, the relationship between nozzle input pressure outlet flow and the exit velocitywere simulated, and the flaw that the nozzles that were prone to clogging can be preventedby methods such as continuous printing periodic or adding to water or diluent. Again, thecore control system of the high-speed marking system has been designed,the processcontrol has been discussed, the associated delay parameters that affect the implementationof the operation of high-speed marking system has been analyzed,and the high-speedmarking system control method and control strategy was designed particularly. Adetailed study of control system multi-input and multi-nozzle output was made and got theprinciples of related implementation. Configuration software has been developed based onthe corresponding configuration control interface which is used to adjust the parameters of delay time under different working conditions. The causes and effects of mark error werefurther analyzed, and the resolution of increasing the nozzle and refine detection probedecrease mark error was presented. Finally the working condition of system and thepossible problems were discussed, and further improvement has been discussed in thefuture prospects.

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