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The Analysis of the Reagularity of Treating Diabetes with "KuSuanZhiTian" Method on the Basis of Clinic Data Mining

Author LiuWenKe
Tutor ZuoXiaoLin;LianFengMei
School China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medical science
Keywords Diabetes The bitter acid made ??sweet law Data Mining Analysis of drug law
CLC R259
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Diabetes is a major chronic diseases that endanger human health . The control of blood glucose is always one of the key issues in the treatment of diabetes . However , relatively hypoglycemic western medicine , Chinese medicine treatment of diabetes , the advantage is still reflected in the improvement of the symptoms of diabetes complications , traditional Chinese medicine antidiabetic alone has never been able to achieve important breakthroughs , the impact of the improvement of TCM clinical efficacy . Combined with years of clinical experience and the related discussion in the classic mentor with Professor Kobayashi , found in ancient of Diabetes and modern diabetes connotations are different , which summed up the modern diabetes pathogenesis and course of evolution . On this basis , the teachers on the basis bitter acid and sweet nature opposing the law , combined with the theory of the \The law both for diabetes pathogenesis hot - oriented , but also directly for high blood sugar , while on blood lipids , weight, blood pressure , etc. , other metabolic abnormalities factors affect blood sugar control integrated regulation , the method for treating the symptoms . In this study, by building the database of the diabetic structured information collection spot disease of diabetes cases outpatient collected data , and entered into the database , before and after treatment glycosylated hemoglobin (HbAlc) value decreased by 0.4 % or fasting blood glucose (FBG) values ??decline 1mmol / L efficacy criteria for effective treatment of cases screened 1321 cases ( 3021 clinics ) , through data mining system , screened applications bitter acid , sweet medicine on the cases of 945 cases ( 1886 clinics ) , in turn based on the data , based on disease module, using cluster analysis , association rules , and a scale - free network model analysis based on association rules data mining method summarizes clinical mentor with Professor Kobayashi commonly - bitter acid sweet medicine corresponding symptoms , syndromes , and he compatibility Law of the drug , and analyzed by SPSS14.0 statistical analysis software commonly used bitter acid sweet drug dose frequency distribution summarizes each of the herbs used in the clinic effective therapeutic dose , simultaneous analysis of the different blood glucose levels Coptis dose The application of the law . Which summarized the clinical experience of the instructors enhance the clinical value of diabetes treatment method available to promote application of the theory , not only of great significance to improve the clinical efficacy of Chinese medicine to treat diabetes , and also provides a guideline for Chinese medicine clinical development of new drugs .

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