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The Study of Airplane Wheel Hub Extrusion Forming and Heat Treatment Process

Author YuYang
Tutor ZhangXing
School University of North
Course Materials Engineering
Keywords aluminum alloy the isothermal extrusion the finite element analysis molddesign the heat treatment
CLC V262.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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The current aluminum alloy isothermal forging airplane wheel only apply to small andmedium-sized plane, large size wheel can only adopt free forging or forging of membranes.The disadvantage of this way of manufacturing difficulties, including forming large tonnageequipment, machinery processing, material utilization ratio is low. This paper based on theabove shortcomings, selection of7A04aluminum alloy airplane wheel hub for isothermal ex-trusion forming technology study, and analyzed the different heat treatment process of7A04alloy wheel performance impact, determine the optimum heat treatment process.This paper first base on the principle of isothermal extrusion, using the finite elementsimulation technology simulation of7A04aluminum alloy airplane wheel backward extrusionforming process, and analyzes the deformation velocity, friction coefficient and so on the in-fluence of process parameters on the extrusion forming process. Through the study on the si-mulation results,7A04aluminum alloy in the temperature of460℃and the deformationspeed of10mm/s forming has good liquidity and lower deformation resistance, in the case ofother conditions unchanged, the increase of friction coefficient increases the instability offorming process, should reduce the frictional resistance in the process of forming.On the basis of numerical simulation, according to the product structure and extrusionprocess, the corresponding mold design, including upsetting mould, punching mould, extru-sion die, flanging die. Through test, production of wheel size and mechanical properties con-form to the requirements, validate the rationality of the mould design.Analyze the heat treatment process on the mechanical properties of7A04aluminum al- loy wheel hub, ultimately determine the best heat treatment process. Experiments show thatthe cases on the limitation of single stage,7A04aluminum alloy wheel hub have high me-chanical performance index, tensile strength of584MPa, yield strength of536MPa, hardnessis192HB, impact energy is9.8J, the comprehensive mechanical properties is higher. Underthe condition of two-stage ageing, the tensile strength of546MPa, yield strength of508MPa,hardness is189HB, impact energy is10.8J, the comprehensive mechanical properties ofslightly lower. The7A04aluminum alloy wheel hub single-stage ageing process should beadopted.

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