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Localization for Quadrotor Unmaned Aerial Vehicle in Complex Environment

Author GuoFang
Tutor XianBin
School Tianjin University
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords Quadrotor UAV Multithreading Serial Port Expansion Au-tonomous Localization
CLC V279
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) is a speical kind of aerial vehicle with no humanpilot operation. It can be controlled by remote ridio control or on-board autopilot system.Compared with the manned aircraft, it has many advantages, such as simple structure,low cost and high level of safety performance. Therefore, it is widely used in many fields.According to the structure, UAV can be divided into two main categories: fixed-wingUAV and rotorcraft UAV. Now, the quadrotor helicopter is being more and more popularboth domestic and abroad. It has recently become the focus of research in the field ofUAV.This thesis designed and implemented a new navigation and locatization system,which including on-board hardware system deisgn and software deisgn. A miniature laserfinder is employed as the main on-board sensor for distance measurement. The positonand attitude information of the quadrotor helicopter is obtained via the revised localizationalgorithm which used the laser finder’s measurement as the inputs.The main contents of this thesis are listed as follows:(1) According to the structure of the quadrotor helicopter, the design and implemen-tation of the software for the quadrotor helicopter is investigated. First of all, we dividethe software into several modules by using multithreading technology in the Linux sys-tem. And each module is responsible for a task. Then, we use signals to manage andcontrol child modules so that the whole software system can run efciently and stably.(2) With the number of the serial port equipments (such as digital radio and blue-tooth) increased, the serial ports of the the quadrotor helicopter become insufcient. Inorder to solve this problem, we designed a circuit for expanding the serial ports by using achip which is named VK3234. It can provide four additional serial ports for the quadrotorhelicopter and be used for communication between the control processor and sensors.(3) The purpose of this chapter is to obtain the position and attitude of the quadrotorhelicopter which is relative to the global coordinate system. At present, the GPS technolo-gy is widely used for the quadrotor helicopter’s localization. But in complex environment,it can not provide the navigation information correctly. So it is very important to studyhow to locate the quadrotor helicopter by using the system of the on-board sensors. Inthis thesis, we choosed the laser finder and inertial measurement unit as sensors, and de-signed a new algorithm which can realize the quadrotor helicopter’s localization in the3Denvironment.

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