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Stroboscopic Visualization Information Extraction of Hovering Micro Air Vehicle Prototype with Flexible Aerodynamic Shape under Airflow Disturbance

Author ZhangNingNing
Tutor WangXiangJun
School Tianjin University
Course Instrument Science and Technology
Keywords flexible Aerodynamic shape MAV stroboscopic imaging binocular stereo vision static analysis edge detection
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Micro Air Vehicle(MAV)with flexible Aerodynamic shape is better to adaptitself to the variation of airflow than MAV with rigid structure shape. Meanwhile, thisflexible Aerodynamic shape contributes to greater flight stability under airflowdisturbance. In order to study the anti-disturbance mechanism of flexibleAerodynamic shaped MAV and obtain its variation pattern under airflow disturbance,this paper proposes an effective visual information extraction method.Main research areas of this paper include:1. Firstly,this paper describes the structure of visual detecting system that is usedto detect the motion of MAV with Aerodynamic shape. Secondly, the theory ofstroboscopic imaging technique and the principle of measurement of binocular stereovision are introduced. Then, calibration error has been analysed.2. The Aerodynamic shaped MAVs are designed and produced based onmicro-rotor aircraft structure, and principles of flight, and the detectionsystem.Through static and modal analysis for the structure of the MAV’s duct, theamount of displacement and deformation of the duct under maxium wind pressure andits inherent characteristics are obtained.3. Considering the influence of noise and inhomogeneous intensity on thestroboscopic image, this paper proposes a new edge detection algorithm based onSmooth Filter of Auto-adapted wavelet transformation.4. The preliminary three-dimensional visual detection experiments ofAerodynamic shaped MAV are completed in an airflow disturbance experimentaldevice. The analysis of the experimental results show that the detecting platformbased on binocular stereo vision is able to obtain the changes of the Aerodynamicshape of MAV under airflow disturbance, and the edge detection algorithm canreserve the flight aerodynamic shape information well.In this paper, the main work include:The flexible Aerodynamic shape structure is used in MAV, which is then capableof vertical lift and hovering in a small lab environment, and can generatedisplacement and aerodynamic shape changes under airflow disturbance. Thedetection platform is built combining stroboscopic technology and the binocular stereo vision system to record the aircraft’s motion trace and morphological changesof the aerodynamic shape under airflow disturbance, which provides an effectivevisual information extraction method for studying the anti-disturbance mechanism ofMAV.

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