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Three-dimensional Initial form Analysis of Inflated Wing

Author CuiYuJia
Tutor TanHuiFeng
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Engineering Mechanics
Keywords Inflated structures Inflated wing Initial form Equivalent wind loads RMS
CLC V279
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the fast development of UAV technology, the requirements of the UAVare getting higher than before. The inflated wing not only can effectively reducethe weight of UAV, but also can improve the load-carrying efficiency performanceof UAV. In addition, the inflated wing can enhance UAV folding efficiency whichis easy to transport and strategic planning. Inflated wing will not be used in UAVuntil its large deformation and surface figure error are considered together.Therefore this paper carried out the analysis for the initial form of high precisioninflated wing.This paper came up with a configuration design of inflated wing and athree-dimensional initial form finding method of inflated structure. This methodhad the fast, efficient, and high-precision characteristics which were proved bycomparing with the methods and examples in the relevant literatures. Two kinds ofinflated wings’(pull strip type and dot matrix) initial form were analyzed usingour method. The initial shape of inflated wing and surface precision RMS werethen obtained. In addition, inflated wing’s initial form was analyzed with differentpressure and elastic modulus. The variation of RMS was also studied. Anempirical parameter was further proposed to control the convergence velocity.This method was applied in the analysis of airship’s3D initial shape and airfoil’s2D initial shape. This method could also be used in one-dimensional initial shapeanalysis of structure.Inflated wing must be influenced by wind load during work. This paperanalysed inflated wing’s external flow field in the winds which had different angleof attack. The boundary conditions of the inflated wing were obtained by fittingthe airfoil surface pressure function. Then this paper’s method was used in theanalysis of the inflated wing’s3D initial form under equivalent wind loads. Theinflated wing’s3D initial form is spread out into2D flat pieces. The production ofinflated wing was finally constructed by using cutting machine and heat sealingmachine. The inflated wing’s3D shape was obtained by using Leica T-Scan. TheRMS of surface precision and the final error were calculated in the end.This paper presented an analytical method of inflated wing’sthree-dimensional initial shape, effectively solved the problem of inflated wing’sinitial shape under inflation pressure and wind loads. Calculation results had agood reference to inflated wing production and simulation analysis of otherperformance. In addition, this method could be used to find the3D initial form ofother inflated structures, such as inflated soft airship, inflated antenna and so on.

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