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Hypervelocity Impact Damage Characteristics Research on the Impact of Protection Spacing on Multi-shock Shields

Author ZhangYu
Tutor GuanGongShun
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Machine and Environmental Engineering
Keywords space debris hypervelocity impact multi-shock shie lds damagecharacteristics numerical simulation
CLC V445.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the increasing in science and technology, countries of the world engage invarious space activities, as the same time of human developing the outer space andusing the outer space, producing a lot of space junk, also called space debris. Withthe pace debris environment is becoming more and more serious, it has beenthreating the spacecraft in orbit. On the basis of whipple shields structure has beendeveloped multi-shock shie lds structure which has a better ability against spacedebris impacting. This article will research the multi-shock stucture of aluminum,using the methods of the hypervelocity impact experment of ground and computernumerical simulation as a combination.First, different protection spacing of dual-wall structure were tested throughhypervelocity impact under the velocity of ballistic range(1.8km/s) and shatterrange(4.8km/s), The damage characteristics has been analysed about the effect ofprotection spacing for dual-wall structure under the respectively impact velocity,studied the critical protection spacing of dual-wall structures just failed in a certainimpact conditions.Second, multi-shock shields structures of three aluminum sheet, four aluminumsheet and five aluminum sheet have been designed on the basis of dual-wall stucture,all of them were tested under the velocity of shatter range(4km/s), getting thedamage mode of every protection stucture, the difference protection spacing ofmultic-shock stucture’ damage characteristics and damage mode were analysed, theeffect of protection spacing on the multi-shock shields structure’ damagecharacteristics were studied.At last, the damage characteristics of multi-shock shields structure has beenstudied under the melt/vaporize range(6km/s) through numerical simulation, gettingthe damage characteristics and damage mode of the corresponding impact velocity,analyse the effect on the damage characteristics of multi-shock structure ofprotection spacing, By the studying of multi-shock shields structure’s protectionspacing, put forward a princ iple of the protection spacing combination which canenhance the ability of multi-shock shields structure againsting space debrisimpacting.

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