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Vibration Analysis and Suppression of the Space Flexible Deployable Antenna

Author GaoJiuZhou
Tutor QiNaiMing
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Aerospace engineering
Keywords flexible deployable antenna vibration suppress integrating PID sliding mode control index reaching law fuzzy sliding mode control
CLC V443.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In recent years, with the rapid development of space observation technology,remote sensing technology, remote control technology, communication technology andspace testing technology, the space antenna is becoming more and more important.There are characteristics of large size, light weight and flexible high. However, due tospace constraints within the aerospace vehicles, the space antenna should be installed inthe fairing, hence, the space antenna must adopt the deployable structure form.In the progress of the space antenna deploying, the vibration caused by elasticdeformation of the body would be factors that can’t be ignored. As the existence offlexible deformation, the space antenna dynamics become very complex. The couplingof the deployable movement and body vibration may cause the loss of system stability.Therefore, the study of the body vibration analysis and suppression is necessary, itshould be deployed smoothly and safely.This paper introduces the variable forms of space deployable antenna in the first.Based on the explaining the deployment mechanism and progress, a flexible antennabeam is as the study object, the kinetic equations are established. Then, using VariableStructure Control theory, step signal is as the reference input, the integrating PIDcontroller, the proportion sliding mode controller, index reaching law sliding modecontroller, the fuzzy sliding mode controller are designed to suppress the vibration ofthe space flexible antenna in the progress of deployment. According to the simulationresults, compare the effects of trajectory tracking and vibration suppress. The fuzzysliding mode controller not only could achieve the movement in a short time, butsuppress the vibration successfully, and reduce the system output buffeting effectively.Last of all, in the addition of interference, adopt the fuzzy sliding mode controller tosuppress the body vibration, the simulation prove that the system could achieve themovement in a short time and the body vibration could be suppressed smoothly, thesystem control output doesn’t include buffeting, the controller achieve the vibrationsuppression effect.

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