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Based on the SIMPACK and ANSYS Subgrade CRTSI Slab Track Train Running Safety and Comfort in Reliability Analysis

Author LiYuXiang
Tutor LouPing
School Central South University
Course Traffic and Transportation Engineering
Keywords ANSYS SIMPACK Vehicle-track coupling system Safety Comfort reliability roadbed
CLC U211
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Ballastless track is one of the main types of high speed railway track structure,The track structure in China is widely used in the number of high-speed passenger dedicated line.Due to track irregularity stochastic characteristics, train and slab track system dynamic response is also random,On the system dynamic response probability analysis of slab track structure, the design has a certain reference value.This paper completed the following main contents:1. Establishment of vehicle track coupling model, through the ANSYS and SIMPACK two software in common use, flexible and rigid combination, the establishment of a more realistic model.First, in ANSYS to establish elastic rail and rail board, build rail and rail plate unit respectively by using beam element and plate element.The model structure and model analysis, get into SIMPACK for the required documents, and then through the FEMBS special interface, generating SIMPACK the special file format of FBI, through SIMPACK flexbody channel into software.The second is in SIMPACK established vehicle model, vehicle model including a vehicle body, two, and four axle bogie.According to the rail and rail board in ANSYS partition node coordinates to establish corresponding marker, the marker point force element and the damping of the connection, in order to achieve the interaction effect.2. This article through the iron division courtyard in the railroad of GuangShen high speed on measured data, carried out in the SIMPACK simulation to verify the correctness of the model.3. On the basis of the vehicle track coupling model, train at a certain speed (200km/h,250km/h,300km/h,350km/h) in orbit, each running a distance, will produce the evaluation index (stochastic processes) treated as a random sample.Statistical indexes of train running distance of maximum value. The obtained values for the evaluation index of the sample maximum value (random variables) of an observed value.Train to each running speed of200, to obtain the desired dynamic response of the sample maximum observation value. 4. By using the method of mathematical statistics and mathematical statistics analysis software SPSS for each sample probability analysis, got the train wheel rail force of each speed, vehicle acceleration,rail midpoint acceleration, the track plate midpoint acceleration, maximum value of the mean of random variables, standard deviation, and random variable probability distributions.In addition to get the dynamic response of maximum value of the mean of random variables, the mean and standard deviation of3times with the train speed increase. In addition to the vehicle acceleration index and rate of wheel load reduction index the results show that reliability analysis, dynamic (trailer) vehicle in4speed under the running safety and comfort with sufficient reliability, as speed increases, the reliability index is decreased.

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