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The Research of Urban Rail Transit Construction Project Management

Author WangDeJun
Tutor ChenKuanMin
School Chang'an University
Course Transportation Planning and Management
Keywords urban rail transport project management target architecture risk identification value-added management
CLC U239.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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January10,1863, the world’s first urban rail transit (referred to as the urban rail) system-London Metropolitan railway "officially began operations. Because electricity was not yetuniversal, only use the steam engine as a traction power, locomotive release harmful gasesand even the number of passengers fainted in the subway. Even so London travelers stillflocked in droves, the first year alone the lines on the conveyance of9.5million passengertrips. This new mode of transportation so that people appreciate the convenience and comfortof rail transport also opened since150years of history of rail transport.With the footsteps of history into the21st century, the city’s population continues toexpand, with the functions of cities and constantly improve the necessities of urban traffic thisday-to-day social activities of a more severe test. With the rapid development of China’seconomy continues to how to solve the increasingly serious social problems such as trafficcongestion has also become a bottleneck restricting the economic development of thedomestic large and medium-sized cities. Urban Rail Transit with its powerful deliverycapacity, good ride comfort, environmental protection and energy saving, controllable andspatial segregation advantage, to become the preferred way to solve the traffic congestion andother problems faced by large and medium-sized cities in the process of urbanization.However, the rapid development of urban rail transit gradually highlighted a number ofissues worth exploring, urban rail transit construction project management lack ofinstitutionalization, standardization is one of them. After analysis of the part of China’s urbanrail transit construction project management mode, most of the city in the beginning of theconstruction of urban rail transit project did not develop a comprehensive project managementsystem, the most blindly copying the existing project management model in other cities. Howto make urban rail construction project quality, capital, and the progress of factors have beenmore effective control is an important part of urban rail transit construction project, SPECIAL,complexity, and other characteristics also affect project management model worthy of study.This paper attempts to depart from the status quo of urban rail transit construction projectmanagement, characteristics and common problems, focus at home and abroad is fairlyrepresentative city management mode and management experience, analysis of the differentstages of the construction of urban rail transit, and tries to put forward an optimization schemeof urban rail transit construction project management in order to achieve the sustainabledevelopment of the rail transit project.

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