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Ethical Review on Judith Butler’s Performative Theory of Gender

Author TanYongZhen
Tutor SuPingFu
School Guangxi Normal University
Course Ethics
Keywords Butler Gender performativity Ethical values Ethical Bewilderment Affect And lack
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Judith Butler (Judith Butler) is the United States today the most famous one of poststructuralist philosopher, she made outstanding theoretical contributions in the field of feminism, queer theory, political philosophy, and ethics. As the leading voice of the post-feminist, Butler made a particularly outstanding contribution to feminist concerns on the core issues - gender issues. The gender performativity theory she rolled up a storm in the field of gender studies, that it was said to her performativity theory represents the forefront of the development of gender theory discourse system. For nearly 20 years, Butler, whom the elucidation of defense and reconstruction. Thus, the results of their research in the field of gender theory in the West, and even the entire history of the development of feminism constitutes a beautiful landscape, and is known as \However, like this one in the West has been prominent gender theorist, China's gender theorists did not attract enough attention to her. It can be said that Butler's theory of gender system and in-depth study of the very few people, is particularly worth mentioning is that, so far, almost no one from an ethical point of Butler's gender performativity theory examine, to prove its legality and legitimacy, which inevitably regrettable. Therefore, it is trying to solve these problems, and to do some in-depth and meticulous research, which is the value and significance of this paper. This article discusses mainly from the following four aspects: The first part introduces the background of Butler, gender performativity theory. Butler gender performativity theory generation, has a complex background of the times and deep theoretical origins. Community / other big discussion, the difficulties faced by the feminist movement and the gay rights movement in the identity, and Butler as a lesbian painful experience, etc., led Butler to thinking about gender issues. In theory, she draws on Foucault's theory of discourse, Austin's speech act theory, Derrida reference, repeated theory, and so on, so as to form gender performativity theory. The second part describes the main content of the Butler's gender performativity theory. Butler that gender is performativity, gender is a discourse about the identity of \Therefore, gender is not innate, fixed, binary oppositions, but the flow of change and diversity, which change as time changes. The third part discusses the ethical values ??inherent in Butler gender performativity theory. Butler considers gender performativity of this theory led to a new concept in the field of gender ethics. It led to the deconstruction of traditional gender, advocated a new gender-free concept: open towards sex, \combination; rewrite its sex, creating a new concept of gender equality: a variety of gender harmony, and gender equality of opportunity, respect for freedom of choice of the individual sexual orientation, etc., it has changed women's sexual / gender concepts to make women aware of the female sex to reproductive and services for men, but for her own benefit; gender and level of hierarchy. This makes women the courage to competing with men in all fields, to improve women's social status and value. This philosophy has led to a new era of gender. The fourth part discusses the the ethical confusion caused by the Butler gender performativity theory. Butler's gender performativity theory too much emphasis on the social construction of gender, physiological ignore gender, it makes traditional binary gender boundaries blur. As a result, its traditional cultural identity of marriage and family ethics, reproductive ethics, sexual ethics, gender, ethics, social ethics, and so pose a serious challenge, which raises many ethical confusion. The epilogue pointed out the impact of Butler's gender performativity theory, the existence of a reasonable and inadequate. Gender performativity theory a great influence on contemporary Western feminist theory, lesbian and gay studies, and became the theoretical cornerstone of the emerging Western queer theory. Butler's performativity theory has a certain rationality: to look at gender, pointed out that gender is a product of history; give people inspiration methodology, indicates that people from multiple angles to look at the people and events from the perspective of historical materialism; promote respect for gender \It also exists ignored natural sex, lack of social complexity.

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