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Study on Multi-path Identification Point of Location Method in Highway

Author SunRong
Tutor ZhangXiaoSong
School Chang'an University
Course Traffic and Transportation Engineering
Keywords Intelligent transportation Multipath recognition Layout of points Support the tree Road impedance function
CLC U412.366
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the rapid development of highway, ambiguous path appears, in order to make theresolution of problems in the process of network fees more reasonable solution, improvingtoll split transparency, reducing the road company unnecessary disputes, the company benefitsmore reasonable distribution, by setting a mark on the highway, to determine the route ofvehicles, to reduce the error of the split.First introduced the research background, current situation at home and abroad, and themain research goal and the significance, then distributed to identify point expressway,expressway multi-path identification principle is discussed in detail, and the multi-pathidentification methods are compared. So accurate identification is the development directionof multiple paths in the future.Based on the precise identification, identification of the layout of highway to do in-depthresearch, combined with the characteristics of spanning tree path in graph theory is unique, byfinding a spanning tree, obtaining identification point layout, where to find support treecommonly used method, dual expansion tree depth-first algorithm, and through comparison ofthe above algorithms, combined with global search capability of genetic algorithm andcharacteristics are not easy to fall into local optimum, which ultimately determine the optimallayout identification using genetic algorithm to search for the highway, and the geneticalgorithm is verified by the part of the road network in Shaanxi province. Firstly, simplify andlabel of road network, road resistance function is established through the comparison ofdomestic and foreign experts and scholars, considering the main factors driving the roadtravel to consider the time factor, therefore, the road resistance function with time is the mainfactors, combination of road resistance function obtained in road network, based on geneticalgorithm determination of the optimal layout, marking point. Because in the actual networkenvironment, more complicated, more interference factors, which resulte in the failure ofidentification equipment, in order to improve the reliability of system, improve the reliabilitythrongh redundancy.

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