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Study on Properties of Recycled SBS Modified Asphalt and Mixture

Author GanXinLi
Tutor ZhengNanXiang
School Chang'an University
Course Traffic and Transportation Engineering
Keywords SBS modified asphalt aging Recycling law Constructiontemperature Compaction characteristics
CLC U414
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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SBS modified asphalt because of its superior performance, has been widely usedin the road engineering in our country. On the SBS modified asphalt mixture recyclingcan greatly save the cost of engineering construction, save the waste material coversan area of, and can reduce the road construction damage to the environment.Therefore, the regeneration of SBS modified asphalt and mixture regenerationperformance study has become an important research topic.This paper tests the aging SBS modified asphalt viscosity, penetration, softeningpoint and ductility of doped with different proportion of new asphalt and recyclingagent, through data fitting viscosity deviation index, combining the exponentialrecombination rate equation, regeneration rate equation matrix composite asphaltblending, SBS modified asphalt and special regenerated aging SBS modified asphaltviscosity, penetration and softening point;Based on the SBS modified asphalt inlaboratory thermal oxygen aging simulation of asphalt pavement asphalt after aging,and through the regeneration agent adding different proportion of its regeneration,optimal mixture ratio of recycling agent was determined;Through the determination ofthe regenerated SBS modified asphalt and SBS modified asphalt penetration index,equivalent softening point, elastic recovery rate, low temperature ductility analysis ofthe temperature susceptibility, high temperature performance, low temperatureflexibility. Through the establishment of aging equation, analysis of the agingparameters, combined with the mass loss rate after aging, aging properties of SBSmodified asphalt regeneration is analyzed;In order to determine the regeneration ofSBS modified asphalt mixture of optimum mixing and molding temperature usingmixed resultant moment method, and demonstrates its rationality.Based on the bestexperimental temperature, by using the gyratory compactor was used to control thegradation, nominal maximum aggregate size and RAP blending rate after molding,calculation of compaction parameters, so as to analyze the factors of compactioncharacteristics and effect of SBS modified asphalt mixture regeneration.

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