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Reinforcement Method of Prestressed Concrete Channel Girder Bridge

Author LiLiang
Tutor SongYiFan
School Chang'an University
Course Architecture and Civil Engineering
Keywords bridge reinforcement bridge detection structure system transformation evaluation of reinforce effect
CLC U445.72
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In China, a majority of the bridges in service have already reached or even overrun thedesigned service period, bridge maintenance management technology has always been a hotissue of the international bridge community. Many bridges in China have encountered a largenumber of diseases and deficiencies, which is difficult to adapt to the needs of the currentrapid transportation development. It costs a lot if we demolish all and build new. In addition,the new built bridges need the bearing capacity test. Therefore, the application of researchesof the bridge detection and reinforcement technology is meaningful.Based on the summary and research of the bridge detection and bridge reinforcementmethods, combined with practical project, the paper conducts researches on applying themethod of the structure stress system transformation into the multi-span simply supportedbridge reinforcement. In the research process, by means of the finite element method, thepaper conducts the comparative analysis of the transverse distribution coefficient before andafter the reinforcement and compute the bearing capacity of the bridge after reinforcement,based on which the efficiency of the multi-span simply supported reinforced in the change ofthe structure stress system is assessed. Finally, evaluate the reinforced bridge base on thedynamic and static load tests. The specific researches the paper conducts are as follows:(1) Common diseases of the concrete beam bridge, analysis of various diseases affect thestructural safety performance and usability, as such bridges disease investigation and providereferences.(2) Summerize the method types of the bridge reinforcement, introduce the techniquecharacteristics of different reinforcement methods, and detailed analyzes the advantages,disadvantages and the application scope.(3) Combined with the practical bridge reinforcement project, it conducts researches onthe application of methods for structural system change and verifies the application scope andthe effectiveness of the method.(4) Based on the dynamic and static load tests in the bridge detection, it evaluate thereinforcement effect of the bridge reinforced by the system transfer method and verifies thereinforcement design.

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