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Study on the Lateral Friction of Bored Pile of Highway Bridge in Guanzhong Loess Layer

Author LiGuoQi
Tutor WangXiaoMou
School Chang'an University
Course Geotechnical Engineering
Keywords highway bridge bored pile loess layer tatic loading tests load transferfunction the finite element pile skin friction
CLC U443.15
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Based on the water immersion test of Yongshou to Xianyang highway bridge engineeringpile attached to the line Yinchuan to wuhan on airport, with study on the lateral friction ofhighway bridge bored pile in Guanzhong Loess layer by means of test, theory and finiteelement, this paper gets results as follows:1. Through the static load test of JC1, JC2and JC3test piles, we can obtain the affectresults on the bearing capacity of pile foundation in different soaking modes, the effects of thebearing capacity by the ways of soaking after loading and loading after soaking, therecommended values of side friction of pile limit value in different layers of loess, theamplitude of the increase to the ultimate bearing capacity by changing the length of pile.2. Explore the load transfer mechanism of single pile under axial load, theoreticalanalyze pile load transfer model in theoretical, and get the solution of differential equation byanalytical method and displacement transfer method; analyzing the theoretical calculationcurve with the hyperbolic method comparing with the measured curve of the pile lateralfriction distribution.3. By means of FEM software, research parameters in impact of single pile lateralfriction distribution and the lateral friction capacity under construction process. It shows thefriction angle φ of the lateral pile soil, the friction coefficient μ of pile-soil interface, theelastic modulus ratio E1/E2of the pile-side soil and the pile-bottom soil and the pile load P ofthe top of pile-side soil impact the distribution of the lateral friction more significant; theultimate bearing capacity under the normal circulation is less than the spiral drilling at theinitial stage, but the value can be close to each other with a long time.The results provide the reference and a method about the design of highway bridge boredpile in Guanzhong loess region, and it has a certain significance on optimized designning andsaving investment fund.

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