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Study on the Simulation Analysis and Construction Technology Optimization of Oscillation Compaction on Asphalt Pavement

Author WangXiuMin
Tutor GaoJiangPing
School Chang'an University
Course Traffic and Transportation Engineering
Keywords oscillation compaction simulation analysis by ANSYS Analytic HierarchyProcess compaction technology optimization
CLC U443.33
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Due to good smoothness,smooth and comfortable of driving and low noise, manycountries give priority to pavement of asphalt concrete in the construction of expressways. Inrecent years,lots of bridge decks pavement near completed have serious diseases like roadsurface distress,cracking,pit and groove and folding,etc,causing great inconvenience tothe traffic throughout the country. Because of oscillation roller’s progressiveness,it is moreand more applied to the asphalt on bridge construction,but the influence mechanism ofoscillatory compaction on the bridge structure is unclear,These issues caused the importanceattached of the people on the bridge deck pavement quality.To solve the above-mentioned problems, this article Innovative research following twopoints. First, research to the influence mechanism of oscillatory compaction on the bridgestructure from the imitate analysis of ANSYS. Second, research the construction technologyoptimization of oscillatory compaction using Analytic Hierarchy Process. These two studieswill bring great significance to the promotion of pavement quality andoscillation compaction technology on asphalt deck pavement. The study is carried out asfollows.First, this paper introduces the defects in compaction method and compactiontechnology currently, applied present situation of asphalt deck paving. Summarize thedevelopment of acting from static to vibrating compaction,then to oscillatory compaction.Second, this paper introduces the compaction void ratio, VMA and VFA and the othervolume parameter has the important influence with the performance of asphalt mixture’smechanics performance, construction performance and pavement performance. Analysis therelation of each other and request of compactness, percentage of voids and smoothness.Third, this paper research to the compaction principle of oscillatory compaction,the structure of the oscillation, the mechanism of oscillation compaction on asphalt mixtureand dynamic model of the oscillation compaction on asphalt mixtures.Forth, this paper research to the influence mechanism of oscillatory compaction onbridge structure from the imitate analysis of ANSYS, make out simulation of a three-span prestressed continuous rigid frame bridge. Analysis to determine the naturalfrequency of the bridge structure, analysis to obtain displacement curves of fivekey locationsand specific displacement for each time point.Finally, this paper analyze the construction technology optimization of oscillatorycompaction using Analytic Hierarchy Process. Consider variety of factors of compactionconstruction program’s effect, and the different needs of the programs, to establish indexsystem of comprehensive evaluation. Obtain the optimal construction technology ofoscillation compaction on fuzzy optimization.

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