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Research on Operating Long-distance Bus Driver Fatigue Accumulated Experiment

Author DiBoZuo
Tutor PeiYuLong
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Transportation Planning and Management
Keywords traffic safety operating drivers accumulated fatigue human’s eyes’ recognition PERCLOS
CLC U491.254
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Generally, drivers in fatigue state are great hidden troubles in traffic safety.Operating long-distance bus drivers play important roles in road transportation, andfatigue driving often happens to them because of their occupational characteristics.Although some measures have been taken into use by the Road ManagementDepartment, the effects are not evident. In this paper, it is believed that the key tothis question is lack of research on cause and regular pattern of operatinglong-distance bus drivers’ fatigue. So it is necessary to research on the regularpattern for traffic safety of operating long-distance bus drivers.By the reference of international research on fatigue formation mechanism, thepaper put forward the definition of accumulated fatigue. Considering theoccupational characteristics of operating long-distance bus driver, the factors ofaccumulated fatigue can come down to three aspects, including self-conditions,work and environment. Based on the investigation results and the maneuverabilityof the influence factors, the paper determines the main factors of original fatigueand driving fatigue. Comparing the methods of fatigue detection in common use, themethod of accumulated fatigue detection is put forward, and the indicator system isset up. Combining the experimental conditions and the working conditions ofoperating long-distance bus driver, the experiment scheme and the processingmethod of experimental data are devised.The paper builds up a detection algorithm based on pattern recognize and BPneural network, and expound the implementation algorithm. Experiments show theeffectiveness of the algorithm. The paper raised the calculation method ofaccumulated fatigue indicator and the detecting method of drivers fatigue based onhuman’s eyes’ recognition.The paper experiment and obtain data of accumulated fatigue of the operatinglong-distance bus drivers. Using mathematical statistics method, the paper analyzesthe regular pattern of accumulated fatigue. And the main influencing factors ofaccumulated fatigue are filtered. Based on PERCLOS and the main influencingfactors, the theoretical model of accumulated fatigue of operating long-distance busdrivers is built up and calibrated. The paper uses the model and gets the advice ofthe work and rest for operating long-distance bus driver.

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