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College music education and research

Author MengXin
Tutor CuiLianBo
School Qufu Normal University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Music Education Capacity and improving the quality of Analysis of the Present Safeguards Curriculum and content
CLC J60-4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, research on colleges public music elective courses, has become a subject of concern by the State Ministry of Education, the Board of Education at all levels as well as public art departments of Colleges. Music education is an important part of the aesthetic, the aesthetic is part of a quality education. Quality Education's goal is to develop all-round development of the people, aesthetic itself is a quality education, music education as of Aesthetic important part, but also to cultivate high-quality, all-round development of the people. Music education can not only enrich the students' knowledge, but also plays an important role in the healthy growth of the body and mind. Music education, therefore, is in a pivotal position in the quality of education. Neglect of music education, will inevitably lead to the personnel quality defects, affect the comprehensive development of spiritual civilization. As an important part of the arts education in colleges and universities, public music education, with special features that can not be replaced by other education. The process of music education in higher education institutions is infected through music art image, cultivate aesthetic capacity of non-music majors, imperceptibly to raise the moral standards of their students, and cultivate sentiments of students has an irreplaceable role in promoting the healthy development of the Students' intellectual, and physical and mental. This article is from the perspective of the popularity of public music education for the general class of college students, the four colleges and universities in Rizhao City public music class curriculum investigation, analysis and research, and put forward the recommended measures. First proposed in the importance and significance of the implementation of public music education, both as a culture system, an integral part of public music education can improve students' ideological and moral standards, expand the level of knowledge, cultivate innovation capability, rich and healthy students emotional world, and so on, that the significance of the implementation of public music education in college. The second is the analysis through surveys and studies of four universities in the commencement of the case, the curriculum, course content, faculty support, regulatory agencies, and many other issues and findings, and clarify the existing management of the college in public music education institutions, curriculum, teacher capability, materials selection and other issues and put forward several principles of the curriculum, it is recommended that the implementation of the various assurance measures to ensure the smooth progress of the curriculum. Finally, the Music Education curriculum and content envisaged in accordance with the requirements set by the state of arts education courses, learning methods and course content is divided into three categories: basic theory classes, music appreciation class, practice activities in class to students according to different needs for different musical based elective. Sincerely hope that this article shallow level can cause the attention of the relevant departments, to provide reference to study the subject of friends, played valuable feedback with.

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