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Wu Ri Ting Duo of Horqin

Author WuYun
Tutor GeRiLeTu
School Inner Mongolia University
Course Musicology
Keywords The Horqin Wurih Ting duo Cultural Context Style rheological Classification Music feature Field cases
CLC J607
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Mongolian ethnic groups in the context of specific historical process of development and geographical environment changes, bred vast, profound, colorful Mongolian characteristics and culture of our national cultural treasure house exudes a unique aromatic wonderful work of art. Gorgeous Mongolian characteristics and culture, can not be ignored is Wurih Ting the duo Art (Translation as a long tone). More than a thousand years the glorious steppe nomadic culture history as the most typical representative of the nomadic culture of human horseback - Mongolian ethnic Mongolian Ukrainian Day Ting duo happens to be the most vivid and glorious representation in the Mongolian plateau nomadic culture culture, is not only a symbol of wisdom Mongolian, is a living fossil of human nomadic culture, the art treasures of the world, all mankind protection of intangible cultural heritage. Of Mongolian tribes originally Mongolian plateau joint on a variety of different family sources tribal unity. Although after nearly a millennium, the vicissitudes of history, but each tribe to varying degrees retain tribal ancestors the profound cultural remember India, coupled with the unified Mongolian dispersed in the vast Mongolian plateau, because the tribes geographical conditions, geographical environment , political background and development of space, and even the production and lifestyles similar, its direct consequence is the gradual formation of the national common regional cultural differences. The Mongolian Wurih Ting duo also will be formed the regional different colors with different styles. And the Horqin Wurih Ting duo is an important art form of of eastern the Horqin music style area, mainly circulated in the vast Horqin prairie. Horqin grassland in some areas, the national art treasures in the Horqin Wurih Ting duo are facing weaken even the demise of the trend, the situation had caused us to think about and worry. The unique Mongolian traditional music the songs genre - the Horqin Wurih Ting duo as the research object, trying to put it in the the Horqin region and the Horqin cultural district theoretical research and exploration. In this, I personally went to Inner Mongolia, animal husbandry of Tongliao City Zhaluteqi Wuliji Ren hematoxylin, Inner Mongolia Xing'an League Division right front and do not Brin hematoxylin flag Tuen Manchu Manchu Township fieldwork and folk songs, both as a microcosm of the entire Horqin attempt to summarize the Horqin contemporary social and cultural environment the of Wu Ting duo survival and development status quo and its future will face trials and problems.

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