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GPS/SINS Vehicle Navigation System Design and Implementation

Author LuoTao
Tutor WangHengSheng
School Central South University
Course Mechanical Engineering
Keywords Vehicle navigation GPS/SINS Integrated navigation system GPSoutages Kalman filtering North inertial navigation algorithm MEMS
CLC U463.67
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In recent years, the urban traffic problem caused by the rapid development of automobile industry is increasingly serious. Vehicle navigation technology, as the pivotal technology of intelligent transportation system, becomes the hot area of research. Traditional vehicle navigation technology uses a simple GPS navigation technology, in which the GPS navigation system usually fails because of losing the GPS signal. Strap-down inertial navigation system is an autonomous navigation solution, which has a strong anti-jamming performance and high stability. However, restricted by the instrumental error of the inertial sensor and the mechanism of strap-down inertial navigation, the system cannot walk alone under all-weather condition because of the accumulation of navigation error.GPS/SINS integrated navigation system can solve the problem of inertial navigation error accumulation effectively. It can also provide continuous navigation information with the inertial navigation system working alone during the temporary outage of GPS. Meanwhile, the repaid development of the MEMS technology has promoted the wide application of low-cost inertial sensors in the vehicle integrated navigation system. In this paper, the solution of GPS/SINS vehicle integrated navigation is studied, including the algorithm of integrated navigation and its implementation in experimental platform of vehicle navigation system with the hardware and software. Specifically, the contents of this paper are as follow:(1) A strap-down inertial navigation solution based on heading-assisted is proposed. The algorithm of platform inertial navigation system is concise, but the installation is hard to implement and high-cost. To the contrary, Strap-down inertial navigation system is easy to install with low cost, but the derivation of the algorithm is usually difficult. This paper studied the advantages and disadvantages of the two solutions and proposed the strap-down inertial navigation solution based on the north inertial navigation algorithm and the auxiliary heading of external device.(2) Application of kalman filter in GPS/SINS in tegrated navigation system is discussed. This paper studied the mode that commonly used in GPS/SINS integrated navigation and determined to use the speed, position loosely coupled integrated navigation mode. We then analyzed the GPS system and SINS system error and obtained the error state equation of integrated navigation. Then the state variables of the system are selected correctly to establish the measurement equation. The Kalman filter is also called to combine the data of GPS/SINS integrated navigation system and used the measured data to verify the validity of the algorithm.(3) Design of integrated navigation module based on MEMS sensor. This platform used PC centralized processing of experimental data, the navigation module is mainly responsible for data acquisition and preprocessing. It consists of GPS module and IMU module. GPS module built-in processor, which is used to obtain the GPS navigation information. The IMU module with MCU as the processing cores, collect nine outputs signal of gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer for strap-down inertial navigation solution.(4) Navigation test software design. In this paper, Lab VIEW software system was applied to design data serial communication, processing, solver and graphical user interface of the integrated navigation system. It was used to simultaneous acquisition and processing of the outputs data of GPS module and IMU module. Through the experimental verification of the navigation software and successfully tested the GPS/SINS data acquisition and processing circuit.51charts,9tables,70references

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