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The Study of MSINS/GPS/Automobile Vehicle Sensors Integrated Vehicular Positioning System

Author GuoMeiLing
Tutor LiuYing
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Navigation,Guidance and Control
Keywords Micro Strap-down Inertial System Global Positioning System AutomobileSensors Federated Kalman filtering
CLC U463.67
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the continuous development of the MEMS technique, the inertial devices based onMEMS technology are being used more and more widely in navigation area, the combinationof MSINS (Micro Strap-down Inertial System) and GPS (Global Position System) hasbecome the most potential vehicle navigation method. But for land vehicle MSINS/GPSnavigation system, MSINS measurement precision mainly depends on the accuracy of theMIMU, but at present due to some technical problems, the measuring accuracy of MIMU ismuch lower than the accuracy of conventional inertial devices, When obscure or humaninterference causes GPS unavailable, the performance of a low cost MIMU degrades quicklyover a short time. This low cost inertial measurement unit error drift is not suitable for moreand more highly intelligent vehicle navigation system, Several on-board vehicle sensorsbuilt-in Electronic Stability Program which can be used for positioning are used to auxiliaryMSINS, though limiting the drift error of low cost MIMU during GPS outages to improve theprecision of the navigation system.The development course and the present domestic and overseas condition of automotivenavigation system are introduced, the backgruond and significance of this topic are elaborated;the working principle and the error sources of MSINS and GPS are analyzed, the combinationtransaction mode of MSINS and GPS are studied, after contrast the advantages and thedisadvantages of loose and tight combination mode, setting up the mathematical model ofMSINS and GPS; describing the principle of ESP, and some automobile sensors which shouldmonitor vehicle running status are intensive studied; after carefully studying the Kalman fiter,design the MSINS/GPS/Automobile Sensors integrated navigation system NR Kalman filter,and the mathematical model of each local sub filter are given respectively; the simulation ofvehicle integrated navigation is achieved based on MATLAB/Simulink, the results show that,during GPS outages, using automobile sensors auxiliary MSINS car navigation systems canreduce the velocity and the position error and finally get higher navigation accuracy, testingand verifying the feasibility that using the on-board vehicle sensors to auxiliary MSINS torealize the vehicle navigation.Automobile sensors used here include: Wheel Speed sensor, Acceleration sensors(including X, Y Accelerometer of G Sensors), Yaw-Rate sensor and Steering Wheel Anglesensors, these sensors and MSINS/GPS forms a vehicle navigation system. Since theseon-board vehicle sensors are originally existed in the body as an important part of the ESP, the use of these sensors for vehicle navigation without additional overhead space and financialexpenses, therefore it has a very strong practicability.

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