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Explicit/Implicit Calculation Method Applied to the Analysis of Seat Moving Parts

Author LuYongHua
Tutor JiShiMing
School Zhejiang University of Technology
Course Mechanical Engineering
Keywords explicit/implicit calculating method auto seat infinite element analysis parameter controllability
CLC U463.836
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the development of computer hardware and software technology, as well as the improvement of numerical computation methods, domestic and overseas auto seat companies pay high attention to the auto seat virtual prototype design CAD/CAE technology which is based on visualization. In the virtual environment of seat develop and design processing, the CAD technology, the CAE dynamics modeling, the static and dynamic characteristics analysis, the sensitivity analysis, the dynamic parameter optimization are united together, which can help engineers to have a comprehensive understanding of all sorts of static and dynamic properties of auto seat. Thus, the development cycle will be shortened, the number of sample auto seat will be reduced and then the cost will be lower.This thesis takes one driver’s auto seat which belongs to a domestic auto seat parts company ltd as an object of research, and analyses the auto seat and its moving parts with finite element method, on the basis of the reference to abundant literatures. The main contents and results are as follows:(1) Aiming at explicit and implicit calculation method study of typical calculation methods, analyzes the calculation principle of the two methods and the calculation process in LS-dyna software. Simultaneously conduct a study of stability conditions of these two algorithms, analyzes the characteristics of these two algorithms as well as practical applications. The study shows:explicit algorithm is stable with conditions, suitable for solving small time step dynamic problems; implicit algorithm is unconditionally stable and suitable for static and quasi-static problem solving.(2) Aiming at the study of the simulation models of car seat for finite element analysis, analyzes the criterions of building models. Simplify and simulate all kinds of connections of seat:Apply beam elements and rigid connection to simulate the welding and hinge joint, and propose a new simulation approach of bolted connection. Based on the above criteria, establish an set of higher accuracy simulation models of car seat for finite element analysis.(3) We study the controllability of auto seat and optimize them through the theoretical research and practical application of the stimulating parameters. At the same time, the static strength of safety belt is simulated and the result will be tested. The result show us that it is reasonable and effective of the simplification to the auto seat constructure, the simulation of connecting relationship and the infinite model with many element form coexist and this simulating model has a certain precision.The achievement of this thesis has a certain instructive significance and application value to auto seat design and infinite element analysis.

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