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An Empirical Research into the Acquisition of Relative Clauses by Chinese Learners

Author ZhangChunYan
Tutor JiangMeng
School Sichuan International Studies University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Relative clause Acquisition Order Clause types Clause embedded Branching
CLC H319
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Long time, the relative clause with its high frequency use in their daily lives and their unique recursive language phenomenon, therefore by the depth of many studies. Most of the research on relative clauses are mostly to its acquisition order to study relative clause acquisition order studies have focused on two core First, the central word in the sentence function, reflecting different types of clauses that subject subject type relationship clause SU, direct object relations clause the DO, indirect object type relative clauses OIO preposition relative clause OPREP, belongs grid relative clause GEN, more guest-host relationship clause OCOMP; second clause embedded in the main clause, reflecting mainly the language position and object location. Foreign researchers on this issue from multiple perspectives discussed proposed kinds of various interpretations, but has not achieved satisfactory results. In addition, most of the research is not comprehensive enough, only concerned about several common sentence, while ignoring the other sentence. The present study is a relative clause acquisition of Chinese students understand and outputs relative clause embedded position and six categories of relative clauses derived 12 relationship clause acquisition order Empirical studies designed to test the existing seven assumptions about the relative clause: noun accessibility and delivery of advanced assumptions perceived ease of assumptions, the subject object level assumptions, the structure of the distance assuming conversion assumptions, perspectives, information flow assumptions and parallel function hypothesis, then put forward for Chinese students relative clause acquisition order. This study selected 60 from three different faculties of the Non-English Majors of Sichuan International Studies University freshman, such as the Department of Chinese, Department of Hotel Management, Department of the Chinese as a Foreign Language. In order to prevent interaction between the test content, the researchers let 60 syntax false questions, and then do the sentences merge title and are done within the stipulated time. Students to conduct an interview. Finally, with the help of SPSS 13.0 two-factor repeated testing two-way repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA), the use of between-subjects factor type of relative clauses (subject, object, prepositional object, etc.) and clause (main clause subject position location and main clause object position) for data analysis, 12 kinds of relative clause acquisition order to draw the following conclusions: (1) the acquisition order syntax judgment test is OGEN (1.8667) gt; SGEN (1.8000) gt ; OS (1.7000) gt; SS (1.6000) gt; OO (1.5667) gt; SO (1.5000) gt; OOPREP (1.4333) gt; OIO (1.3667) gt; SOPREP (1.3000) gt; SIO (1.2333) gt; OOCOMP (.9833) gt; the SOCOMP (.8167) (2) sentences merge test, the acquisition order OGEN (1.8333) gt; an OS (1.7333) gt; SGEN (1.6667) gt; SS (1.6000) gt; OOPREP,, (1.5667) gt; OO (1.5000) gt; SOPREP (1.4333) gt; OIO (1.3333) gt; SO (1.3331) gt; SIO (1.2667) gt; OCOMP (1.2333) gt; SOCOMP (1.0667) Therefore, for the above conclusions paper to give the following interpretation: First, to understand much greater impact than the type of point of view, the acquisition order of relative clauses largely by the head noun the location decision that position. Because, for our learners, to understand a sentence is not the type of sentence structure must thoroughly understand, but mainly to understand our brain has mastered the vocabulary and background knowledge schema structure to determine sentence. Second, in terms of output perspective, the differences between the different types is particularly evident, while the center of the type of word in the sentence reflected in each type of sentence. This proves that our learners in the output of a relative clause, often influenced by the degree of complexity of the sentence structure, mainly that the branch direction, that Chinese is the left branch of the language and the English language is the right branch.

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