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Research and Design on Navigation and Motion Control of a Deep-sea Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Author XiangZuo
Tutor WangShuXin;SunSiPing
School Tianjin University
Course Mechanical Engineering
Keywords Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) integrated navigation federal Kalman filtering algorithm path planning section PID motion controlalgorithm
CLC U674.941
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Because of the rich oil energy and mineral resources, ocean has become the newspace for interests competition all over the world. As a equipment that can move inthe water and carry sensors used for exploring and surveying, the AutonomousUnderwater Vehicle (AUV) will take an important position in the field of marinedevelopment.When AUV navigates under the ocean automatically, the commands towards itmay be delayed or even could not be transported, so there must be a control systemtaking clear logic and reliable performance into account. Based on the distributedcontrol system structure, this paper will focus on the AUV navigation control systemand the motion control system.The paper introduces the integrated navigation system which considers the INS-PHINS as the core, and analyzes the hardware communication links and data fusiontechnology between PHINS and other auxiliary navigation equipments such as GPS,DVL, USBL and pressure sensor. Then the paper puts forward the federal Kalmanfiltering algorithm that is suitable for the AUV navigation data’s fusion. Andaccording to the actual working condition we choose the “No Reset Mode” filter,which will improve the fault-tolerate ability and reliability of the system. And throughthe experiments we confirm the accuracy of PHINS/DVL integrated navigation andthe ability of USBL position revise.In addition, in order to improve the path tracking ability, this paper designs asimple, reasonable and reliable path planning system. What’s more, in order to takeadvantage of the vectored thrust ducted propeller, we have chosen the right drivingmotor and direction control motor. And considering safety and reliability, we developappropriate motor control method, such as RS485and CAN. And we propose thesection PID motion control algorithm based on fuzzy control to improve actuator’sresponse to different environment. At last, we develop a series of emergencyprotection measures to enhance AUV safety.Through the water test, we correct the control logic and algorithm constantly, andset the PID control parameters referring to AUV real-time navigation state. At last, wesucceed in the AUV heading control, depth control and altitude control.

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