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Study on Land Use Zoning of Yixing City Based on Water Environment Constraint in Taihu River Basin

Author JiangKun
Tutor OuWeiXin
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Management of land resources
Keywords Land use Water pollution Functional zoning Buffer zone Comprehensive zoning
CLC TV213.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Since the reform and opening up, society and economy has developed rapidly especially in The Yangtze River Delta region, urbanization, industrialization and popolation has grown constantly, contradiction often appears between the land utilization and the development of social economy, which caused kinds of ecological environment and society problem. With the rapid development, The TAIHU river basin become one of the most important region, meanwhile, the fast development also aggravated the contradiction, increased the pressure of water environment. Review related research result, we can get a conclusion:rapid change of land use is the important reason.This paper discussed some related research findings about the water pollution of the TAIHU river basin to find out the relationship between water pollution and land utilization, analysis of various land use division as the core and basis set the central idea in this research. Based on the study of literature and academic topic, this paper carried out thesis research. The main contents of thesis:1. Effects analysis of land use on water environment in YIXING city In the basis of related research data, this article summarize the status and change tendency of land use and water environment as well as the effects of loading pollution on water environment.2. Research on land use zoningLand use functional zoning. This chapter used town as the basic zoning unit, in the basis of regional basic condition, chose easily gotten indexes with better reflecting ability, quantifiable and comparable features. With the standardization and clustering function of SPSS18,this paper carried out the research, and located the direction of land utilization and socio-economic development.Pollution control buffer zoning of main river. With the pollution monitoring data, water quality index N、P concentration, This chapter analyze the relevance between land use type and pollution index, build three levels buffer zone around main river, calculate the area and the loading pollution of land use type in each buffer zone. Contrasting with the results,we can realize land use control in TAIHU river basin.Land use comprehensive regionalization. In the basis of land use functional and pollution control buffer zoning, this chapter overlayed the layer in order to get comprehensive control zone, which contained land use function and water environment protection, under a certain principle.Land use control in land use comprehensive zone. In entire region, according to the related plan, terrain, landform, land use suitability and the relevance analysis between land use type and water quality index, this paper formulate land use developing measure and direction in order to guide land use and prevent water pollution, realize a better development of the society, economy and nature.The results show that:land use type pollution N、P loading increased year by year, aggravated the water pollution, the relevance between land use and N、P provide a reference for land use control. Land use comprehensive zoning in YIXING city combine the socioeconomic function, natural conservation function and constraint of water environment, under which the land use in comprehensive zoning should be realized. Land use functional zoning result show we should arrange land use suit to the difference of region between society, economy and nature; Pollution control buffer zoning result show around the river the land use type pollution loading is different between one thousand, two thousand and three thousand buffer zone, we should carry out different control and management.Research in this paper mainly discussed the land use influence on environmental quality, so that some else influence factors was ignored, many of the deficiencies remain to be further studied.

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