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Study of Safety Evaluation and Reinforcement of Haihe River Tide Gate

Author LiuZhiChao
Tutor LianJiJian;LiZhiQiang
School Tianjin University
Course Hydraulic Engineering
Keywords Haihe River tide gate observation and detection strength and stability safety evaluation reinforcement
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The sluice is an important part of China’s water infrastructure, plays an important role in flood drainage, tidal. After years of use, these works show a different degree of disease. Master sluice security situation, the elimination of Engineering diseases, the sustainable development of the national economy is an urgent need to ensure that the safety of the use of the sluice. In this paper, combined with the the Haihe tide gate project actual safety identification program, the the Haihe tide gate project status quo analysis, on-site safety testing, engineering review of the calculation, the overall evaluation of the sluice condition, identified three types of dangerous sluices, the program measures reinforce the study was to investigate.The main contents are as follows:1.Sea floodgate project on the basis of technical information on the status of the Works careful survey of the existing problems in the engineering design, construction, operation and management of the in-depth analysis, and safety testing and engineering review.2. Site security detection, evaluation detect the location and structure of the security state in accordance with the relevant regulations, in accordance with the relevant norms of the sluice tidal flood water level in the lock chamber sliding stability, sluices over current capacity for engineering review of the calculation, the overall evaluation of the sluice security situationthere is a major problem, the proposed project, sluice safety categories identified and measures proposed by the relevant review sea floodgate identified as three types of gates;3. On the basis of the above research, Sea floodgate reinforce Engineering Design program. Focus on the basic processing of hydraulic structures reinforced concrete anti-corrosion, the metal structural reinforcement, such as Gate Corrosion program. Foundation treatment for geological exploration results, in order to completely solve the problem of the lock chamber sliding stability and the lock chamber subsidence, foundation bearing capacity, the lock chamber, additional concrete piles original raft foundation to a separate floor; project area water quality and proposed concrete large Volume of finely ground aggregate slag concrete technology, to enhance the corrosion resistance of concrete member; service life for extended gate, gate take Zoning protective measures, recommended a joint anti-corrosion of the sacrificial anode blocks and paint; as meet the wing wall stability against sliding requirements, the reinforced earth retaining wall forms.At last, the test summaries the study of security evaluation and reinforcement program of Haihe River tide gate, and suggest to strengthen the operation and management of the sluice and introduceauthority sluice evaluation method.

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