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Performance Study of the Water Hammer Protection through Central Check Valve in the High-lift Water Pipeline

Author ZhangQian
Tutor YangYuSi
School Chang'an University
Course Municipal Engineering
Keywords High-lift water conveyance Water hammer protection Central checkvalve
CLC TV672.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the rapid development of China’s economy, increasing of life andproduction water. And water pollution problem not only didn’t get effective solutionand increasingly serious, this will make our country’s existing water resources supplyand demand contradictions become more prominent. In order to completely mitigatethis contradiction, state and local governments invest a lot of manpower and materialresources, support long distance water conveyance project construction. China is avast difference in height of the eastern and western, In long-distance waterconveyance project, the most common and the most prominent problem is the high liftwater pipelines protection against water hammer.Based on the central check valve protection against water hammer in high liftwater pipelines as the research direction. On the basis of predecessors’ research results,this paper briefly introduces the water hammer wave velocity equation, differentialequation and characteristic line equation and finite difference equation, and thedetailed expounds all kinds of pressure protection device, the pressure regulatingtower, exhaust valve, slow close check valve of all kinds of measures such as constantpressure valve working principle, main technical points and boundary conditions aremade a detailed introduction and classification. Also put forward some problems thatshould be paid attention to when choosing protection measures, make the waterhammer calculation process more accurate.According to the water hammer calculation often used characteristic method, andcombined with the boundary conditions of the various protective measures of waterhammer calculation is established the basic mathematical model, and application ofwater hammer protection calculation program compiled C++language, simulation ofwater hammer.The end of this article to port sudan water conveyance project as an example,through the computer simulation, relatively straightforward to show the protective effect of water hammer in high lift water pipelines through the use of central checkvalve. Comparison of the box-type two-way surge tank, brief description theadvantages and operability of central check valve protection against water hammer inhigh lift water pipelines, and it can be chosen to similar project.

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