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The Application of Fractal Coastline in Architecture Design

Author LiuHeng
Tutor ZhangHua
School Tianjin University
Course Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords fractal geometry architecture design coastline fractionaldimension self-similarity
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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This thesis aims for researching the utilization of fractal coastline in architecturedesign. Since the advent of fractal geometry, the wave of research was boomed inscientific community. Architecture has close connection with geometry. Followingthis trend, many architects began working on applying fractal geometry inarchitecture design. This thesis selects fractal coastline as based point, researchesthe composition law of it, sums up the pattern which could be combined withconventional design techniques, tries to create novel space which is different withtraditional architecture space. The dimension of most fractal structure is non-integer,thus the dimenstion of architecture space which follows the law of fractal is alsonon-integer, which will be an innovation.The introduction discusses the significance of this topic; demonstrates theresearch production at home and abroad; lists the researching method: experimentmethod,graphic analysis method, analogy method; outlines the framework.The main body contains three parts, concept presentation, application offractal coastline and outlook of the research.As fractal geometry is not that kind of common sense which has highpopularization, the second chapter briefly presents the concept of fractal, in casethat later discussion could not be understood. The coastline issue is stated in detail,including the raise of issue, as well as the measurement and simulation of thecoastline.The application is elaborated from four chapter.Chapter Three extracts the logic law and composition law which relates to thearchitecture design.Chapter Four discusses the design method and tools that fit for fractalarchitecture, which is parametric design and rhino (with its parametric plug-ins).Chapter Five takes the model made by rhino as example to demonstrate the topic.These models are just prototypes as architecture forms. In models, the form isconsidered more than function. The variety of form caused by various parameters ismainly discussed.Chapter Six lists completed design to discuss the application of fractal coastlinein architecture design.Chapter Seven presents the prospects for the development of fractal architecture,as well as expectations for its popularity.

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