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Visual Information in the Application of Traditional Environmental Art and Research

Author Zhang
Tutor ShiQiXin
School Anhui University of Engineering
Course Art of Design
Keywords visual information environmental art visualenvironment information communication the traditional inheritance
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In the national economy high speed development, the construction scale is quality in high speed increase of the moment, people’s aesthetic requirements are constantly improve. Environmental art as human survival environment as research and application of practical discipline, status is increasingly important. Also because of environmental art is a comprehensive type of art category, so the environment theory research in theory we should continue to dig at the same time also with the tentative theory of traditional culture and art of visual information in horizontal analysis together. Use of visual information application in the traditional environmental art as a starting point, find out with our country characteristic environment visual art characteristics, and explore its application mode, extract. With visual art from the point of view of decomposition and analysis of the characteristics of visual information application in environment art, which cause environmental-art for China’s future development direction of deep thinking and trying.This paper mainly consists of four chapters the first chapter is the introduction part, account of the purpose of the study and research background, and the second chapter, third chapter for this article focus on Syria. This article in the second chapter mainly analyzes the theory of visual information and environment art and research category, and mining its related in the theory, put forward the problems faced by the present Chinese environmental art and as the direction of the research on analysis and research. The third chapter is the focus of this article, through the above analysis and case studies, this paper will come from this chapter summary and analysis of visual information in the traditional way and the method of application in environment art. Through specific existing buildings and the natural landscape to prove the argument in this paper, the visual information in environment art form has very important practical significance. And after to make preliminary analysis and research, the theory of late into the author’s design practice, and through the author’s practice and try to summarize the experiences of some future development and research. The fourth chapter, in our analysis found that visual information in environment art to show the important position, we need to refine it more, makes it more practical and concrete. To application to China’s environmental art in the late. In future several new thought of development direction and development of environmental art environmental art theory of the new way of thinking. The narrative theory of visual information application in the environmental art, the progress of environmental art in the future.Time footsteps speed is so fast, also is always change the background of theory and reality. How will the modern environment art gives its unique personality and vitality, is the paper hope through the study of visual information in the application of traditional environmental art to be reference and inspiration. Environmental art connotation of the theory system of large, involving knowledge and theoretical direction is very wide. How to applied in modern environment art construction theory and art form of visual information, is an important research direction. Environmental art is not only change our quality of life and a way of living environment, is also the carrier of culture and heritage of the Chinese nation. Only in the modern environment art had a soul to make Chinese characteristics of environmental art have better development and inheritance.

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