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The Monster Image Study of Short Stories of the Tang Dynasty Novels

Author WangYuanSheng
Tutor CaoBingJian
School Henan University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Novel Tang Dynasty Monster Intention accumulates culture Appreciation of the beauty value
CLC I207.419
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Chinese contemporary scholar Mr. liu have said that:Since antiquity are on modern chinese society, which areas is not a monkey involved, chinese culture is that no field is a monkey of the box. This will in the tang dynasty and in legend novels in the image object of research. The full text divides into five chapters.The first chapter, the paper thinks that all things on earth there are clever:natural worship, Wu Wen Hua and primitive good and evil four the aspect history of culture cause such as concept having helped to bring about monster concept coming into being commonly. By discrimination to concepts such as "evil spirit"", "monster"", "essence" ", "goblin"the article fixes By:for the monster boundary Existence concept hits the target in people having the mana or the animal and plant personification-rization and there being no living things. They often make the person shape phantomic, participate in consciousness of the outside world, scourge human being.The second chapter, eight kinds main the type animals and plant, nonliving matter monsters such as being hit by the Reynard evil spirit, being spending an evil spirit to the Tang Dynasty aspiration monster, the short stories of the Tang and Song dynasties novel have carried out analysis, expounded.The third chapter, the main body of a book think that the monster image has the following characteristic in Tang Dynasty right away:Monster original shape kind is prosperous, the role is various; Monster outward appearance cheats extremely, the house is faint, temperament is complicated; The image sometimes contains a monster bracketing thing nature and human feelings content in two aspects; Monster image molding often gets in touch with Buddhisms, two religion each other.The fourth chapter thinks that monster image has rich culture intention accumulate, religion intention accumulates including that practical or immediate significance, folk custom intention accumulate a sum. Real intention accumulates darkness bringing imperial court politics to light including taking advantage of a monster, reflects a social life, condition showing the Western Regions northern barbarian in ancient China that time moving in Central Plains and Hu Han economy cultural exchange. Culture expects folk custom accumulating the concept depending on the monster is vivid having reported among the people dense the Tang Dynasty society monster worship, monster belief. So-called religion intention accumulates, supernatural being thought, the interest heart being that the finger monster is containing Taoist mainly get rid of desire concept, the Buddhism job reports religion thought such as transmigration, poetic justice. Person, the evil dipper follow the Daoist trickery culture saying that faction and Buddhism esoteric doctrine are rich being containing the Tang Dynasty magic figure at the back of story.The fifth chapter, as far as literature appreciation of the beauty value be concerned, the monster image is containing beautiful content in two aspects of beautiful and inward absurd external form human nature. In the novels the monster contour usually is ugly and funny, however some monster innermost feelings good, brave, the wisdom, the unreasoning passion, the benevolence, speak good faith and so on. Be trying but ugly value depend on they are natural attribute of human being, oneself the desire symbol significance mainly, be symbolizing that human being is barbarous, avaricious, vicious etc. As far as novel artistic quality be concerned, the monster image often is that novel queer style and appreciation of the beauty there are the real purport’s built one of person.

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