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Relation the Swing Characteristic and Emotion Being Close To the Body Ancient Poem with Strict Tonal Pattern and Rhyme Scheme in Tang Dynasty Are Expressed

Author NiuZhen
Tutor WangDeMing
School Guangxi Normal University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords rhythm character emotion expression Tang Dynasty rhythmic poetry word tone tempo
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The whole style of chinese poetries is a kind of literature which mainly expresses the emotions and it makes either the "poetry delivers wills" or the "poetry comes from emotions" both meaningful. In poetries’early development phase, such as the Book of Songs before Qing Dynasty and the official songs in Han Dynasty, etc. they all come with rhythms and people often appreciate and gain the spirit meanings in the poetries according to the rhythms or just take them for fun. The rhythmic theory appears in the Northern and Southern Dynasties which is the production of separation between the poetry and the music. It just looks for the expressions, with the words alone. Hence, the poetries’rhythmic characters turn into the inner factors from the outside forms.After the theory becoming mature, it is wildly used in the writing of rhythmic poetries since Sui Dynasty. But, in a long time, scholars often take it as the formation factor of the poetries and discuss it in the aesthetical rang. However, they lack of studies in the aspect of its expressing emotions roles. On one hand, it’s because the rhythm characters selves don’t have the functions of expressing emotions independently. On the other hand, during the use of rhythm, there are some disadvantages. The excessive pursuit of the poetries’rhythm formation will affect the expression of its spirit contents in deed. But, it also shows that the important role of the poetries’rhythm characters in expressing the spirit emotions.To my perspective, the in expressing the spirit emotions have a great assistant role and also have the affiliated quality. First,it’s really the formation factor and it can’t express the emotions independently; second, the poetries’rhythm characters’role in expressing the emotions actually exists. The proper and harmonious rhythms in the poetries have a big promotion role in expressing and gaining its spirit meanings. But this role is always not the writer’s consciously pursuit, it’s just the writer’s consciously selection of proper words to express spirit meanings. The rhythm of these words make the assistant effects objectively. So, as to me, though the poetries’ rhythm characters selves don’t have the functions in expressing the spirit emotions, they can have the assistant role when they combine the words’meanings、tones and tempos, etc. Also, the combination is not the conjunction of one single factor but, the conjunction of the factors above all, and it’s interrelationship.This paper takes the poetries in Tang Dynasty as an example and discusses the role of poetries’tone characters in expressing emotions. Why choose the Tang rhythmic poetries as the example is on one hand, they are becoming stereotyped and mature. Though the rhythmic theory appears in the Yongming period of Southern Dynasty, it completes stereotype in Tang and supplies the models for the later poetries’developments. Either the study models or the innovations of the later poetries, they are all based in the Tang’s. On the other hand, in the whole aesthetical style, Tang’s poetries do well in emotional rhythms’expression, moreover, they are full off representativeness compared with other dynasty’s ones. For example, in Song dynasty, there are many works which are good at emotional expressions but, they can’t represent the whole style in that dynasty. The contents of poetries in Song dynasty are mainly about the ration, and especially focus on the rational elements. The rhythm factors in them just make themselves adapt to the poetries’rhythm models and look like the real poetries, but not quite show the relationships between the tone characters and emotion expressions.

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