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The Research of Theme Restaurant in Designning Environmental Atmosphere

Author CaiYing
Tutor WangXiaoFan
School Hunan University
Course Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords Theme restaurant Designning of Environmental Atmosphere Construnction Skill
CLC TU247.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Nowadays, with the rapid development of Chinese economic, material lifegradually be met, therefore,more and more attention shift to spirit. With the rising ofnational cultural enrichment, improving of life quality and aesthetic, Chineserestaurant is no longer the single dining options which just for eating enou gh and well,but a comprehensive and multiple space for dining, entertainment, cultural experienceat the sametime. The present management model of restaurants which is mostlyordinary to meet kinds of demand slowly turn to ones with a particular topic. Fo r atheme restaurants, comfortable, beautiful and also cultural environment, becomeimportant element to meet the customer’s psychological and spiritual needs.This paper tries to research the environmental creatation of theme restaurant. Thewriter has collected a large amount of data and images by reading books, papers, anddoing Field survey on theme restaurant. The using of comparative analysis andsummarized on numerous domestic and international theme restaurants, comes to aconclusion about the techniques of environmental creation for theme restaurants,which demonstrated by designing examples.This paper contains five chapters.The first chapter is the introduction whichdescribes the background, purpose and significance of the research, and lists the maincontent, the methods and the framework of the entire article. The second chapter isabout the rise and development of theme restaurant, which introduces the basicconcepts related to the theme restaurant. This part not only discuss the cause of thetheme restaurant, connotation and development trend, and also outlines the researchstatus at home and abroad for theme restaurants. It discusses environmental design ofthe theme restaurant standing in environmental psychology and environment-behaviorstudies. Outlines the basic concepts of environmental psychology andenvironment-behavior studies as well as the behavior of scene theory "," wake theory"," stress theory "," environmental load theory "the basic theory of the discipline,setting the stage for next Chapter.The third chapter "Analysis of thedesign-characteristics of the theme restaurant, analyse the question from eight levelssuch as subjectivity, functionality, flexibility, integrity, innovative, multi-dimensional,oriented, ecological. Chapter "type-analysis and Environmental Design-Techniqueson theme restaurants " is the the core of the paper. This part discusses the techniques of environmental creation of theme restaurants in different types respectively,combining domestic and international examples. The last chapter "analysis of successtheme-restaurant stories both domestic and international ", contains a briefintroduction of two instances,the one is a theme restaurant called Dream of RedMansions, the other is Hard Rock Cafe abroad, creating a valid instance forargumentation of the core of the subject-the theme restaurant environment design.Through this research, I hope to provide a theoretical basis for building ambienceof the theme restaurants in the future, improve the design-techniques system, andprovide more possibility for the emergence of more outstanding theme restaurants’environmental design.

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