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A Origin Survey of Tang Poems Critism of the Catalogue of Siku Quanshu

Author LiuZhiYong
Tutor MoDaoCai
School Guangxi Normal University
Course Chinese classical literature
Keywords "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" criticism of tang poems origins
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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According to the author to statistics, "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu," with 80 recorded in the Tang Dynasty poet, of 95 separate collection obf which 40 relatated to Tang poetryspecies keeping Catalogue-preserved books 25 (new out of three poets, but Lu Cong-Qing and Tan Yong-Zhi basically use it for collections been identified as pretending to be, so there are actually only 78); with the collection of 27 species recorded in Tang Dynasty, keeping Catalogue-preserved books 30, the other on behalf of the school related to the collection of 26 kinds of Tang; the six kinds of comments recorded in Tang Dynasty, keep Catalogue-preserved books 7; Song and Yuan Dynasties separate collection focus on studies related to the 94 kinds of Tang, Ming and Qing Dynasties, 45 species; successive Catalogue-preserved books of separate collection keep focused on science related to Tang 73. In these poetic, the criticism of a small part of the Tang Studies, is the author’s style, the vast majority of sub-theory, successive Catalogue-preserved books also contains a large number of poets of the Tang Dynasty of influence. "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" Tang criticized the content of this rich discourse is not only a writer style, also reveals the impact of rheological, has also established a system, though simple, but has become a theoretical framework. About the study of individual Tang debate: as big as a case of inclination towards tang dynasty or tendency to song dynasty , inclination towards Li Bai or Du Meng, or inclination towards late Tang Dynasty or early Tang dynasty such as the controversial nature of the case studies, small, such as Du Mu’s ridicule Yuan Bai, Du Xun-he’s poetry plagiarism from Zhou-Pu, the "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" to catalog feeds in the form of Tang Dynasty poetry to have more comprehensive comments and research, can be described as a concise brief to the history of the Tang poetry, is an important legacy of the Qing Dynasty, one of Tang Poetry. The question of "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" Tang criticized the study as currently weak, and specifically to the "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" Tang dynasties of Tang poetry criticism and sources of criticism of the relationship was blank, based on this, the author of "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" of the Tang poetry criticism as an object of study, textual criticism, sources, discusses its academic significance, thus it is fair to assess the status of the history of Tang poetry criticism may provide some.Full-text consists of five chapters. The first two chapters from the Bibliography, compiling point of view, from the perspective of science literature to examine the "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" Tang criticized the origins and characteristics. Consists of two parts: a comparison of existing sub-?? feed, Court of the feed, Hui to the present with the "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" in Tang Catalogue-preserved books, the total collection of Tang poetry, Tang Dynasty three different assessments, as far as possible out of each of a textual summary of the writing time, sub-?? officials, the amendment process; two, "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu," Tang set recording in the circumstances and principles, as well as "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" set the greatest contribution of the Ministry of the Tang Dynasty several people criticized the concept of the "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" in the expression.The third and four chapters are mainly to study "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" Tang criticized in theory, the inheritance and innovation of their predecessors, which is from the perspective of poetic theory to examine the "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" Tang source of criticism. Is divided into three parts: one, building on the traceability, that is, from "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" deposit copy of the Tang Dynasty general assembly, Catalogue-preserved books out in poetry summary of evaluation materials, sorting out its vision of Tang poetry criticism, ideas, general characteristics, and to the form presented, evidence shows that quantitative analysis, logical discourse research methods reveal its source (focus mainly in the late Ming and Qing ago, the medium-term); 2, style on the traceability.Study is the "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" deposit copy of the Tang Dynasty poet, do not set the feed, 11 extraction of its poetry style comments, in accordance with "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" comments and the comments have been related to the relationship between sources are divided into four types: (a) direct reference type; (b) indirect inherited type; (3) extension to deepen type; (d) single out the loom type. Furthermore, under the major categories of each phase from each Class, and different types of traceability to adopt a different approach, the general principle is a little far from the past in detail in order to Textual Research on the sources of material-based, supported by theory on the origin of the precipitation, by This reveals the "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" Tang-style criticism of the characteristics and origins. Which needs to be noted is that this so-called Sources is a broad sense to use it for a long-standing point of view, such as " eary language of Bai Ju-yi", which successive Gejiajieyou that in order to bite the bullet comes down it is a particular one, so I only briefly sort out this claim the evolution of the roots without clearly attributed to North Korea from a certain someone.The five chapters are mainly to study the impact on the comments. Its research object is "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" stored copy of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty of the other set of feeds, in order to comment on the main conclusion, "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" Tang impact of concept with the existing studies for the research of Tang dynasties contemplation and comparison, this also reflects the "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" criticism of the accuracy of the Tang Dynasty.The last part will discuss the history of meaning and value of the Tang criticized of "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu".In this paper, the specific research methods, statistical methods to be used in full and has collected information in order to comment on as the way to conduct a comprehensive classification study. Comprehensive study, aimed at a whole on the "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" Tang criticized grasp of sources to highlight its overall characteristics; classification, namely, case studies, aimed at parallelism "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" Tang criticized all aspects of origin, Research shows the structure of system, and to explain the various characteristics of the study.The academic value of this article in the following aspects: First, in a sense, it fills gaps in existing research; two pairs of "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu," Tang criticism materials Combing through the system, but also launched a a certain depth discussion on how to locate "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" Tang criticized the historical status, and other follow-up study provides a possible and convenient; 3, on the "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" Tang criticized the outline of the major system, mutatis mutandis, as well as the Compilation Process refinement, is the author deeply understands, and there is a place where a certain academic value. We need to explore is the "The Catalogue of Siku Quanshu" on the part of the Tang Dynasty-style criticism,Their research methods and research findings are worthy of further exploration.

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